When I was initiated into the Craft, I didn’t “ground” properly after the ritual. Grounding is shunting extra energy out of your body. I failed to do the process.

Big mistake. I was up for 2 1/2 days. It was a double-edged sword: the energy was amazing, but I was bouncing off the walls. Now I was manic and tired. Headaches and body aches slammed me down.

My manic behavior annoyed the people near me. Worse yet—I put myself and others in harm’s way when I drove my car. Tired and unfocused, I was of no use to anyone.

When I finally came down from the energy, I slept for three days.

Why did I, as other Wiccans, fail to do the grounding process?

For some of us, it’s about getting distracted by the necessities of life—school, work, family responsibilities. For others, it’s because a mentor, perhaps, failed to fully train us in grounding techniques.

Many of us may do some forms of grounding but we may not fully succeed in properly moving the extra energy out of our body.

Now, I’ll share three valuable methods of grounding.

1. Eat good food.

Eat something. Carbohydrate rich foods (such as breads or pasta serve) as a good choice because they help pull you down from the high energy state that you achieved during magick working. See my Cakes and Wine Ceremony for an example of using food.

2. Push energy into the ground.

Shunt the extra energy back into the earth. One way is to take your hands or bare feet and place them on the bare earth. Release the energy by visualizing that you are pushing the energy into the earth. Mother Earth will recycle it for you. Having any contact with the earth is truly grounding. You can even lay in a field of grass and just deep breathe.

3. Hug a tree.

While hugging a tree, visualize that the extra energy is absorbed by the tree. The tree will do the rest. It naturally helps you pull the energy from your body and restore your internal balance. The tree takes the unneeded energy and shunts the energy down safely into Mother Earth.



Grounding isn’t just for after rituals. Having a tough day at work or school? Ground. Many of us make ourselves sick with built-up, unhealthy energies in our bodies. This can cause headaches and worse.

The solution is to do some grounding. You can release stress by simply deep breathing and placing your feet flat on the ground—no matter where you may be sitting.

Some Wiccans say, “But I am just doing a simple candle spell.” You still need to ground. You may not be exposed to a whole coven’s power, but you still raise energy to do any sort of magick working. This energy needs to be grounded. You may not notice the side-effects at the time, but they will still be there, and they can be harmful.

So if you have completed a ritual or you’re just feeling stressed out, ground. It not only helps you, it helps others.


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5 thoughts on “Grounding

  1. I always enjoy reading your edifying articles..I glean wonderful information that I try to learn from and incorporate into my life..even though I am not a Wiccan. So much of what you write just makes common sense..thanks for sharing this. Blessings to you also.


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