Magickal Alphabets – Theban


Magickal Alphabets – The Theban Alphabet


Imagine writing down your spells so a casual observer would not be able to decipher your notes. Nowadays, someone could look up the characters, but they’d have to put some effort into it. The unusual writing form I’m talking about is the Theban Alphabet. Several years ago, when I was in college, I found the Theban Alphabet referenced in a book.

I loved the beauty of script lines. To learn this beautiful alphabet, I started writing my college lecture notes in Theban.

Where did the magickal Theban Alphabet come from? In the medieval period, magick workers wanted to disguise their notes. A number of forms of magickal writings were developed, including Theban. Then and now, alchemical and other occult traditions use Theban.

Several magick workers use Theban to keep their secrets. Only those who were initiated or taught this script could pry the magickal secrets from the pages of the writer.

Today, the Theban Alphabet is still used in paganism and especially in witchcraft.

The letters in English and their equivalent Theban representatives are in the below image:


So how might you use Theban Alphabet? Consider using the script for writing in your Book of Shadows (BOS). Gerald B. Gardner wrote much of his magickal texts in Theban.

You can use Theban for talismans, carving on candles and much of the magickal work that you do.

Got a Magickal name? Use Theban to write it out. Make a personal sigil by using the Theban letters. Check out my Sigils post to know more about making Sigils.

I must say, writing in Theban can be fun.

In any case, you may want to write in some special script to elevate how you write as part of your magickal workings.


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