How You Can Let Go of Fearing Death


How You Can Let Go of Fearing Death

Do you fear death? Do you wonder what lies on the other side?

Several years ago, in the hospital, I was at death’s door. I had Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). ITP is a bleeding disorder which can cause a person to bleed out simply by bumping into furniture. I could hemorrhage in my brain at any time and die instantly. When my dentist saw bruising inside my mouth, he told me to immediately go to the Emergency Room.

ITP creates the death’s door situation by having the immune system destroying platelets, which are necessary for normal blood clotting. The first night I stayed at the hospital the next morning I had bruises all down my body from lying on the bed. I had to remain sitting even while I slept. Because my brain could have hemorrhaged and killed me, I got to know death’s call intimately. Death was there everyday, sitting by my side waiting with me.

I had to accept that death could take me at anytime.

At first I was afraid. But then I realized that death is just a transition, not an ending.

Death is a transition to the Summerlands, a wonderful place of comfort and peace. Your family and friends who went before are there. Who could fear that?

When I first heard of the Summerlands, a complete knowing came to me. And, I also realized that that this place of comfort and peace is where we came from. So you don’t need to fear returning to where you came from. When we die, we go home.

And, once you return home, you can choose to be born again. Wiccans know this as reincarnation.

So as you connect with the idea and reality of the Summerlands, you can let go of fears about dying. Death is simply a transition to a place of rest, loved ones and renewal to prepare you for the next life, if you so choose.

Understanding that now, I do not fear death.



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