Secret of How to do Magick

What Makes People Believe?

What Makes People Believe?

  Secret of How to do Magick

When I first started doing magick it was really hit or miss, most often mess. My spell work was just not as effective as I wanted it to be. What was I doing wrong?

If you have wondered the same thing, you have probably done similar mistakes. For example, I’d do a money spell, but I’d just get new problems!

The real problem was, like many people, I just wanted a big payday. What I didn’t know was that this is really the wrong way to approach a lack of money.

Many, if not most, spells written today are focused on the external opportunities or even requesting gifts from the Gods. Focusing on just the external can create new problems.

What if I could tell you a Secret of how to do magick – in a way where your avoid ethics issues about money?

I have mentored a number of people about this Secret. Now I will share with you this Secret.

A phrase from the poem by Doreen Valiente entitled The Charge of the Goddess tells us how to do magick well. But many of us, like my younger self, just don’t see it. The line I’m talking about is: “…that if that which thou seekest thou findest not within thee, thou wilt never find it without thee.”

This line invites us to look within as we approach our magickal work.

Instead of focusing on how to get money from outside sources, focus within. How? Instead of asking for a handout from the universe, ask, “How I can create more energy in myself to obtain my desire? How can I make myself open to more prosperity?”

Let’s get more specific. You have been laid off and need a new job pronto! Bills are pilling up fast.

Let’s use a sigil for this purpose. (You can learn more about sigils in my sigils post.) Remember the Gods are here to help. You can call on them for inner strength.

How to phrase a sentence for a sigil to get a job:

  • All blocks I have put up, known and unknown, dissolve so I am a good candidate and my future employer hires me.
  • Help me express the inner strength, skills and energy so I can acquire a job of my liking.

Here are phrases for those who have an interest in an entrepreneurial path:

  • I find new ways to serve others successfully so money comes to me naturally.
  • All blocks I have put up, known and unknown, dissolve so I can create abundance in my life.

Can you see how each sentence or phrase focuses on inner change, not the external “give me, give me”? With these phrases you are not looking for a handout. You are creating the abundance by changing you.

This can be applied to the rest of your magick as well. Another example is love spells. Focus your magick on being more loving, or more open to love. Never do love spells upon a particular person. Instead do a spell to attract love to you in whatever form is appropriate by creating yourself as more loving.  

By focusing on inner change and developing our inner strengths, we can achieve our desires.


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4 thoughts on “Secret of How to do Magick

  1. I think this is so eye opening as to how we word are wants and desires. Being specific is so important. You are so correct.
    I don’t feel that asking to be a ,”good candidate for an employer,” or making it a matter of, “serving others” as the means of abundance. I think abundance can come from something other than servitude or working for others…unless that is your goal or hearts desire of course.


    • Thanks for your response.
      Yes, abundance may arrive in other ways.
      My point is that many people find that a facet of their destiny is to participate with others by helping others.
      A significant number of people find personal meaning in that process.
      Everyone, of course, is called to their own path.


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  2. Yes, I agree whole heartedly. The most honorable jobs there are involve servitude. I feel my most whole and purposeful when I help others. It gives me my most self empowered feeling.
    But, that said working for others over the years in certain jobs held me down and made me feel the least purposeful…of course those were very important life lessons as to how I do not want to be. There is such a huge difference working for someone’s else’s fulfillment, and working for your own. It is the intent, and if you are appreciated and validated that makes the interaction positive or negative I suppose… Thank you for your response🌸


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