Thoughts We Think and the Magick They Create: the Good, the Bane, the Magickal.

Stop Sign

Stop and Think


What have you been thinking about today? Have you paused for a moment and listened to the words you say to yourself?

We know that words have power. The words we say can create change of emotion, of how we are treated—and even change the world.

What kind of words do you say to yourself—as a habit?

Do your words include:

  • Good effort. You’re getting closer to what you want.
  • That’s okay. You’ve learned something. You’ll do better next time.

Recently, a friend pointed out that some of my words were really unkind to me.

I then realized that I’ve had the habit of saying certain mean things to myself:

  • I can’t do this.
  • I just made myself look like a f—ing idiot.
  • I can’t do anything right.

Wow—it hurts just to write that down!

Words are connected to our habitual thoughts. Many of us don’t really pay attention to what we tell ourselves on a daily basis.

As Wiccans, we need to pay attention to what we say because our thoughts and words hold power. If you repeat thoughts enough times, they become your reality. How is this true?

Let’s look at one of the self-defeating thoughts I was telling myself: “I can’t do this.”

When I was younger, I wanted to be a writer. But my dyslexia kicked my butt. I told myself, “I keep getting it wrong so I must be a f—ing idiot so I can’t do this.”

I didn’t come back to writing for 24 years!

So we see that your thoughts can actually cripple you. Your thoughts can kill your innate gift.

Don’t let that happen. Become aware of your habitual thoughts.

Thoughts have their own magickal power. They can work for you or against you. They are a type of energy and they manifest your view of reality.

If you notice you are not feeling that great about yourself, ask these questions:

  • What have I told myself lately?
  • What have I been thinking about?
  • Is it positive or negative?

Thoughts become beliefs if repeated often. This can be dangerous because these thoughts can manifest in our lives.

If you see negative things manifesting in your life, look at what you’re telling yourself–because the thoughts are being sent out, and create what you see and how you see it.

We can replace negative thoughts with positive ones to create our own magickal transformation.

If you notice that you’re putting yourself down, tell yourself, “Stop! Reframe.” One of my own coaches brought this “Stop! Reframe” technique to my attention. The idea is to break the pattern and then “reframe” the situation by telling yourself something positive. In essence, you’re giving yourself a new way to perceive the situation.

This process works for many people.

Additionally, I came up with my own process. If I think something negative, I tell myself, “Stop! Goddess thought.”

For example, sometimes, I put too much hot sauce on the eggs I prepare for my sweetheart. (Yes, he likes hot sauce on eggs. Go figure.)

I’ll say, “Damn it. That was dumb!”

Then I’ll tell myself, “Stop! Goddess thought.” I then step out of myself into the loving, compassionate energy of the Goddess. I then imagine what compassionate thing Goddess would tell me: “He’ll be glad to get these eggs. You just saved him time and he was able to do more writing this morning. He always says something nice about receiving food that you make for him.”

My point is that we, Wiccans, need to become our own best friend. Be the cheerleader of your own life. Remember our thoughts are always with us, just like the Gods. If you have trouble, ask the Gods for help. Look with Their eyes of compassion and love for you.

If you catch yourself making a cutting remark, say, “Stop! Goddess Thought.” Then look upon yourself with the loving eyes of the Goddess. Imagine what She would say to you to lift you up and bless you.

Doing this, you can change your view and your life.


Moonwater SilverClaw


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