Facing Love, Life, and Death


On August 11, 2014, Robin Williams committed suicide. This really hit home for me. Being a person who has lived on both sides of the suicide-situation, I feel that it’s time I talk about it.

I have attempted multiple times to commit suicide in my life. I’ve often felt the unspeakable pain that drives one to such thoughts and actions.

The truth is: A lot of people have no way of comprehending the emotions of the person considering suicide. As a friend said to me, “It’s similar to grief. You do NOT know it, until you’re IN grief. Until someone close to you has died.”

On the other side of the situation, I have also endured when a very dear friend committed suicide. My heartbreak seared deeper than any hot poker could. Searing my flesh would have been a kindness. This pain of grief hits you deep in the soul.

Recently, I was appalled at how some pundit on a cable channel called Robin Williams “a coward” for taking his own life. Did this pundit personally know Robin? Does this pundit struggle with depression personally?

And I have other questions.

Is it possible that depression can become an unbearable pain? (I have felt such pain and fortunately the Gods broke the cord that could have ended my life.)

Is it possible that it is the right of each individual to choose how to live and how and when to die?

And then let’s add the spiritual questions.

Does the person on the verge of suicide feel (or care) that one will have to come back (be reincarnated) and learn the same thing he or she was struggling with and go through it all over again?

If suicidal thoughts arise for you, do you want to go through it again (in a reincarnated form)? Or hunker down and go through it once? (I know that to press on through suicidal thoughts can require professional and medical help.)

Still, I feel compassion for someone who has succumbed to suicide’s call.

I am not angry at my deceased friend. I only feel sorrow for him and that I could not help. I try not to blame myself for possibly missing a sign or two that he was in distress.

If you are having thoughts of suicide, please call the hotline below.

1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Or go to the web sites






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2 thoughts on “Facing Love, Life, and Death

  1. I know exactly which talking piece you’re speaking of, and I was shocked as well reading an article after the fact about his tirade against Williams. I think your friend is very right though that such horrible thoughts and pain are very similar to deep grief, and often the two go hand in hand. I know they have for me. Both are also very isolating, because even with friends, family and professional help, only one who has already been where you are can truly grasp the pain.


    • Ayslyn’sCorner,
      Yes I think the person doesn’t know what it is to be depressed. You really don’t know what it’s like unless your in it. I also have used professional help. I have found much comfort in the Gods and in Wicca.

      Thank you for your comment.



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