Wiccan Video Training



How exciting! Soon we will be offering video training in Wicca.

In order for the video training to be most helpful,

please let us know in the comments which topics you’re most interested in.

Here’s an example:

“How to Make Your Spells More Powerful”

I look forward to being helpful to you via video and moving beyond my usual posts at my blog: GoddessHasYourBack.com (aka TheHiddenChildrenOfTheGoddess.com)

Blessed Be,



For more of Moonwater SilverClaw, consider some of her books:

Goddess Has Your Back

Goddess Has Your Back: How Wicca Can Help You Raise Your Self-Esteem and Make Your Life Magickal





The Hidden Children of the Goddess Book

The Hidden Children of the Goddess Book


The Hidden Children of the Goddess Embrace Wicca, Become Strong, Be at Peace with Yourself and the World Around You






Real Magick

Beyond the Law of Attraction to Real Magic: How You Can Remove Blocks to Prosperity, Happiness and Inner Peace

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