Using Ritual to Mark Our Moments

Hands Focusing Energy

Hands Focusing Energy


Some time ago, I had just finished my first book.

“We should celebrate!” my sweetie said, honoring that I had endured a huge rite of passage to become a published author.

Many Wiccans are familiar with a wiccaning, which is a ritual of showing a baby to the Gods. Another rite of passage is croning, the transition a woman makes into her elder-years.

However, how many of us consider the other major transitions or accomplishments of our lives?

Many of us go through life and skip devising a ritual to honor a major transition of life. We either feel too tired or lack the understanding of how important our recent accomplishment is to our journey.

So how do we recognize and mark an accomplishment?

Composing and doing a ritual is helpful.

It may be as complicated as the labyrinth that held the Minotaur or as simple as lighting a candle.

The elements of a good ritual are:

Use the five senses

The most important thing is to make the ritual meaningful to you. A good ritual includes stimulating the five senses.

Some methods to use for your ritual:

Smell: Use your favorite smell like baked cookies, incense, clean sheets, or flowers.

Sight: Use your favorite color or images. Maybe you like kittens, puppies or horses.

Sound: Use a favored piece of music. Perhaps you like pan flute music or classical music.

Touch: Use special robes, including feathers. Sit on a special pillow.

Taste: Enjoy your favorite food and drink for your Cakes and Wine Ceremony (near the end of your ritual).

It’s vital to make your ritual personal. Don’t just use a generic rite noted in a book. Use your imagination! Remember a ritual is like a sandwich. We’ll use the metaphor and note these details: the top slice, the meat and the bottom slice of bread.

1) The top slice: Make sure there is a definite beginning.

Mark the beginning with a good memorable action—the ring of a bell or chime. Announce why you’re holding the ritual. It’s important for everyone to be clear on why they’re doing ritual, even if you’re the only one participating.

2) Provide the meat, that is, a middle.

Here is where you place the acknowledgement of your accomplishment into your ritual. This can be as simple as reading a poem or chanting. You could beat a drum or dance or do both.

3) The bottom slice. Have a definite end.

You can use the bell or chime to signal the end of your ritual. Do the Cakes and Wine Ceremony to help you ground yourself.

If you are doing your ritual with friends, you might say, “Please share any words of congratulations if you feel moved to do so at this time.”

*  *  *

We go through different chapters in our life. It’s not just the “big moments” like graduation or getting married. You actually rise up different levels in your life.

Be sure to recognize and celebrate your achievements with rituals.


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