Simple Wiccan Dedication Ritual




I have had many requests for help in writing dedication rituals. So here is a simple dedication ritual that you can do if you have made the choice that Wicca is right for you.

Dedication Rite


Turn your phone off and make sure you will not be disturbed. Clean the area to do ritual: Dust, vacuum, and anything else you need to do before you begin. Next take a ritual bath (For instructions click here.) Find a comfortable place and sit quietly, meditating on what you are about to do. You are about to dedicate yourself to the path of the Gods. Be honest. Is this really what you want to do? Don’t take the promises lightly. You will also need to pick out a new name to go by. This is fun and can be anything you choose.

What you will need:

1) Cakes/Bread: It is acceptable to use bread, cupcakes, cookies, or even a power bar. It should contain carbohydrates to nourish the body and replenish the energy you use during the ritual.

2) Censer & Incense: In this case, the incense burner holds cone incense. However, it is acceptable to burn any kind of incense you choose. Remember that incense, when burned, represents Air on your altar.

3) Taper: The taper is for lighting candles. You begin by using a lighter to ignite the wick of the working candle. Then, you bring the taper to the working candle and ignite the wick of the taper. Now with the lit taper you ignite the other candles on your altar.

4) Lighter: The lighter is used to light the working candle. Any type of lighter may be used.

5) Bell/Chime: A bell or chime is needed for different purposes during a ritual.

6) Pentacle: The pentacle is used to help focus your attention on your goal.

7) Athame: The athame knife is used to direct power and can cast circles.

8) Bowl with Water: Water is one of the five elements. It is used together with salt to make consecrated water.

9) Dish with Salt: Salt represents the Earth. It is placed into water to make consecrated water.

10) Chalice with Wine: As you remember, the cup is a female symbol. In a ritual, the cup holds the wine or juice that is to be blessed. (It is acceptable to use juice instead of wine if you do not drink alcohol.)

11) Offering Dishes: These dishes are used to “offer up,” as an offering, part of your blessed food from your “cakes and wine” ceremony. We will discuss that later. You can also offer up flowers, which pay tribute to nature and the Goddess.

12) Goddess Candle & God Candle: These are the candles that represent the God and Goddess.

13) Working Candle: The working candle is positioned between the God and Goddess candle. Use this candle to light the other candles during a ritual. The working candle represents the element Fire on your altar.

For the altar setup click here.

1) Cast Circle (For script click here)

2) Dedication Rite

Say the following:

O Triumphant and Great Lord,

O Beautiful and Gracious Lady,

My intention to You, my Lord and Lady, is to dedicate myself onto the sacred path which you have opened before me.  I accept this path as my own, and willingly of my own accord tread upon it. I know it will not be easy, but I promise I will be steadfast. And if I should fall, I shall rise again, all in Your honor. I will help those who tread upon the path, with me, beside me and behind me. And I will help them freely and willingly with love in my heart, for I know that they are a part of You as I am a part of You.

(Raise goblet or cup)

As I kneel before you naked in this truth. I [Your New Name] toast to you O Honorable Lord and Gracious Lady.

To new beginnings, new friendships and new growth.

Magick in the starlight
Magick in the moonlight
Magick is now my right.

So Mote it Be.

3) Cakes and Wine (For instructions click here)

4) Close Circle (For instructions click here)

I hope this dedication rite will help you upon your journey.

Moonwater SilverClaw


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