Keeping the Hidden Children Hidden

Nina is afraid. Did she leave her diary out on the kitchen table? Her deeply religious parents would disown her in a moment if they knew of her Wiccan path.

It makes sense that Nina keeps her spirituality to herself at least until she upgrades to a better job and her own apartment.

Wiccans still suffer discrimination and intolerance in this world. It can even escalate to violence—bodily harm and damage to property.

We know we follow the God and Goddess, and we keep that a secret within our own hearts.

Realize that even if you are secure in being out as a Wiccan, many others are not. You do not know someone else’s circumstances. You may live in a progressive location where you are safe. But others may live where they’re not safe. Because of this, do not out anyone. Coming out as a Wiccan is solely a personal decision.

When you enter the world of Wicca and Paganism you need to abide by some rules which include:

  • You keep the identities of the practitioners secret. Keep names, phone numbers and addresses both physical and email in confidence.
  • All things said in circle or ceremony are sacred and secret.
  • The place of meetings, called a covenstead, is kept secret.
  • You do not touch any practitioner’s tools without expressed consent of the owner of the tools.

Some Wiccans gather and go skyclad (naked) during rituals. This does NOT mean that there is an open invitation to touch.

The above rules remind us of ways to take care of ourselves and others.

Blessed be,


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