The Witches Pyramid – Air


“Why is the Witches Pyramid important?” Sharon asked me. “You already told me that the pentagram emphasizes the four elements Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Isn’t that enough?”

I explained that the Witches Pyramid demonstrates how the four elements support Spirit, as you can see in the illustration above.

First, I’ll give you an overview. Here is how Element relates to a direction and  a concept:

Air – East – To know
Fire – South – To will
Water – West – To dare
Earth – North – To remain silent

These concepts come together to form an essential part of your Wiccan Practice.

This week we’ll focus on Air.

Air – East – To know

Air is the cerebral element. You’ve probably heard the phrase: Knowledge is power.

In the Craft, we take action to know how to use the tools and rituals. Here is what is really powerful: to know yourself.

The journey of knowing yourself requires that you focus and take efforts to remove distractions. People who are caught up with their ego will miss so much.

Meditation provides a helpful path to discovering the truth that is deep within you.

How does meditation facilitate your self-knowledge? First, it helps you quiet your mind. Clear of distractions, you can learn about what you really need. Not just what you ego wants in this moment.

Clear of distractions, you can make better and better decisions. You’ll have access to your intuition. You’ll quiet down fear.

Clear of distractions, you’ll connect better with the God and Goddess. You’ll ask for guidance and you’ll be able to take in and understand the guidance that arrives as intuitive ideas and nudges in certain positive directions.

Start Easy with Meditation

Many of us hear about meditation and freeze up. We may say, “I don’t have the time.” Start easy. Just set up a timer and meditate for five minutes. Simply, find a quiet place. Get comfortable. Make sure you sit up so you don’t fall asleep. Concentrate on your breathing. When your mind wanders, bring it back to your breathing.

You might even begin a practice with your romantic partner. My sweetheart and I sit near each other – not touching – and close our eyes for our five minute meditation practice. The good news is that when one of us is not in the mood to meditate, the other one can inspire the other one to sit for the five vital minutes of the day.

Certainly, you can expand your meditation time, if you like.

Some people get disappointed that they do not get a wonderful feeling when meditating. Know this: It all counts. With a regular practice of meditation, you make yourself calm and more receptive to guidance from the God and Goddess.

Meditation is a blessing for your mind.

Remember, your mind is your most important tool. And Air will assist you in your goals. This week, consider having a few meditation sessions in which you focus on Air.

Next week we will look at the Element of Fire in the Witches Pyramid.


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