Witches Pyramid – Spirit




“Why is Spirit included with the Elements that make up the Witches Pyramid?” Juliet asked.

“Spirit refers to your higher self and the Gods and Goddesses,” I began. “The elements are the base of the Witches Pyramid. You need the elements plus Spirit to create life and to work magick.”

The preferable order of the Elements is Earth, Water, Air and Fire. They incrementally increase in energy.

We begin with Earth since it is the grounding Element. As you work up with the higher and higher energy levels till you reach Fire, you use Earth to ground them all.

After working with Earth, Water, Air and Fire, it’s natural to move to Spirit. When working with Spirit, we connect with our inner selves and the Gods. During meditation, you can receive messages and insights. We Wiccans strive to connect with Deity through nature, rituals and meditation sessions.

Wiccans work with Spirit in many ways that even connect with astral projection, psychometry (touching objects to sense them),  and clairvoyance/clairaudience.

An Example of Connecting With the Gods

We know that life can be really tough to endure. Some time ago, I shared a particular chant (on this blog) to help you connect with the Gods and receive support.

Here is the chant you can recite to yourself when you’re hurting:

By the Sun and by the Moon,
Let the Gods’ light be my boon.
Shining deep and shining far,
May I be healed by every star.
I saw it then, I see it now,
Darkness be gone right here, right now!

You can use this short chant whenever you are feeling low. For example you can use this chant during meditation, lighting a candle or as a prelude to a meditation.

In discussing the Spirit aspect of the Witches Pyramid, we have completed our multi-post conversation of the components of the Witches Pyramid: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit.

We Wiccans can deepen our practice by repeatedly focusing on meditations related to the Elements and Spirit.


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