Find Value in Astrology and Numerology


Recently, I’ve received questions about numerology and the Tarot.

So I’ll start with overview provided by this below excerpt from my book The Hidden Children of the Goddess


“It’s All About the Numbers

This section discusses the meaning of the numbers on the Tarot cards. We will also delve a bit into numerology.

Cards Ace (One) through King

Each Tarot card has a defined meaning, and each meaning relates to the suit it is in:

  • Ace: represents the meaning of the suit it is in and magnifies the lesson
  • Two: balance, tension, or equilibrium of the suit the card is in
  • Three: your spiritual path, mastery
  • Four: for change, going through activity to rest and/or joy to discontentment
  • Five: the negative side or attributes of the suit
  • Six: lessons learned and actions taken
  • Seven: decisions, facing a choice
  • Eight: a difficult challenge
  • Nine: a revelation
  • Ten: the logical conclusion
  • Page/Jack: the learning principle of the suit the card is in / what you can learn
  • Knight: the active principle of the suit the card is in / enforces rules
  • Queen: the reflective principle, a nurturing role; the queen guides you
  • King: the ruling principle; the king has a dominant role, he makes the rules

Additionally the face cards of the Tarot can represent people in your life.

Timing and Numbers

Each card represents a specific number of days, weeks, or months that something will happen. The card’s number is read together with its suit. (See below.)

  • Cards Ace through Ten: 1 through 10 days, weeks, or months. For instance, a 5 of Swords means something will happen in about 5 days. An Ace of Pentacles means something will happen in about one month to one year.
  • Page/Jack: 11 days, 11 weeks, or 11 months.
  • Queen and King: unknown time (you’re the factor for the time)

Suits and Timing

Each suit represents a different time frame.

  • Swords: days (something will happen fast)
  • Wands: days to weeks
  • Cups: weeks to months
  • Pentacles: months to years (something will happen slowly)

Numerology and How to Find the Theme of Your Year

The following equation will determine your theme for the current year. To provide an example, I will use a sample birth date for this year.

Month: 09

Day: 08

Current year: 2013

Now add together each number:

9 + 8 + 2013 = 2030

Now add together each number in the total:

2 + 0 + 3 + 0 = 5

Use the numbers on the Major Arcana to get your theme for the current year. You’ll notice that for example, the theme is the Hierophant. A hierophant is someone who interprets sacred mysteries or arcane knowledge. So in this situation, one possible interpretation of the theme for the year is: One may face mysterious or religious challenges or changes.

  1. The Fool
  2. The Magician
  3. The High Priestess
  4. The Empress
  5. The Emperor
  6. The Hierophant
  7. The Lovers
  8. The Chariot
  9. Strength
  10. The Hermit
  11. Wheel of Fortune
  12. Justice
  13. The Hanged Man
  14. Death
  15. Temperance
  16. The Devil
  17. The Tower
  18. The Star
  19. The Moon
  20. The Sun
  21. Judgment
  22. The World

A similar formula will show your life path. Many Wiccans look upon the life path as the journey and goal of your time on this planet.

This time, use your birth date. Use the same list above to get your theme, that is, the central theme of your life path. For example “Kim’s” birthday is September 7, 1993.

Month: 09

Day: 07

Birth year: 1993

Now add together each number:

9 + 7 + 1993 = 2009

Now add together each number in the total:

2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 11

Kim’s life path is Justice. One possible interpretation of this life path is that she may face a situation dealing with legal matters in her lifetime.


One particular question I also received was: “I’m wondering about the astrological cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn.”

A cusp is when your Sun Sign is within three to five degrees either before of after the change in astrological (zodiac) signs.

The person who was born on the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn would have some traits of both the signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn. But the main influence would be the sign under which they were actually born.

In brief, here are some of the related traits:

Sagittarius: This person is said to have two personalities because the Centaur (Sagittarius symbol), is half horse and half person.

The horse: rebellious, free-roaming, aggressive, gets bored easily

The person: open-minded, honest, philosophical, clever.

It’s suggested that these two personalities oppose each other every day.

Capricorn: The symbol for this sign is the Goat. Traits include: determined, conservative, helpful, and practical. A number of Capricorns are ambitious—not all.

Some people find it helpful to honor certain traits they find in their astrological signs. One friend is a Taurus which is noted as “stubborn and musical.” So she makes sure to make time to compose some music every week. And she’s stubborn about getting that time!

I invite you to consider the value found in elements of astrology and numerology.


Moonwater SilverClaw

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