What is a Soul?

Thank you to NASA Space Telescope

Thank you to NASA Space Telescope

“What is a soul?” one of my Facebook friends asked.

This is a powerful question. In fact, I’ve had a number of conversations with elders in the Wiccan community on this topic.

I’ll now share a view that has formed for me out of those conversations and my own intuitive understanding:

In the beginning there was nothing but the Void. Then, with a single thought of “I AM!” the ALL created Itself. But soon, the ALL wanted a new experience, and so the ALL separated Itself into Two. The ALL did this by making a mighty scream. The Dark Half became the Goddess. She in turn gave birth to another entity that, at first was only a wave, but soon, It had thought, and so became Illumination. With illumination, the entity became intelligent, and He was the God, the Light Half to the Goddess.

The God slowly drifted away from the Goddess. Soon after his illumination, the God realized He had been created. He was curious about Who had created Him. He began a search, looking in a circle for the One who had made Him. Soon He realized that His Creator was no where that He had looked. The only place His Creator could be was in the center of the circle. So he went there and met the Goddess.

The Goddess found him brilliant and irresistible. She fell in love with Him. They made love and created all we know and that which we do not yet know.

We start with the ALL and then have the Goddess and the God.

How does this relate to you and I as souls?

A soul is the energy that resides within everything. From people to trees, everything has this sacred energy.

Where does this sacred energy come from? – from the ALL which yearns to learn about Itself. To understand Itself, the ALL creates small pieces of Itself, which are Its children.

The soul radiates the life soul energy. Further, the soul is connected by the different chakras located throughout our bodies.

I’m fascinated by the detail that the life soul energy manifests outward from the chakras as one’s aura. Some people can see this aura energy.

A few can see the aura and appreciate it as a guide to heal people. The healer sees via the aura whether the person has health problems. With this knowledge, some healers have clues as to how the person may heal.

It helps to have a view of how things are interconnected.

We, Pagans, understand how all people and beings are essentially connected.


Moonwater SilverClaw

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