When Tragedy Strikes – How You Can Use Magick and Meditation to Ignite Your Inner Peace


 In light of the recent attacks on the people in Paris, France, I feel overwhelmed with sadness and anger. I mourn deeply for the people who were murdered.

For a number of days I have been thinking about what to write. What would I discuss: Sorrow, rage, wanting justice, even the desire for some form of revenge?

Still, the idea that keeps arising in my mind is:

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”— Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi invites us to move beyond anger and vengeance.

Still, as I feel deeply about the situation, I realize that to maintain my own health, I need to get beyond pain, anger and sadness.

For you, I offer this meditation-exercise to help you maintain your own health and ability to take action in daily life.

Before I share this meditation-exercise, I realize that it is valuable for me to discuss two different forms of strength. These ideas arose in my conversation with one of my editors:

  • The Strength of Anger – in the short term, this can get us moving and it can be a channel for our own pain. But in the long term, it can lead to faulty decision-making. It is short sighted. Further, it can cause significant health problems.
  • The Enduring Strength of Inner Peace – Inner peace is an ever-renewing source of energy.

As my editor suggested, “If you get your inner energy right you can do more right. Inner peace can help you get past the sorrow and the anger so you can be in the present moment and have all of your resources.”

The below meditation-exercise is not about denying the need for justice and more protection.

The below meditation-exercise is designed to empower you to stay in a place of awareness and strength.

Meditation Magick Exercise on Letting Go and Finding Your Hidden Strength

You will need:

  • a blue candle
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • boline
  • incense
  • salt
  • water

Cast Your Circle in your usual manner.

Cleanse your blue candle with the elements Earth and Water. Then consecrate the blue candle with your incense smoke.

Use your boline and write (on the blue candle) the name of the event that is causing your pain.

Use the olive oil to “dress your candle.”

Concentrate on the blue color, which is for healing.

Light the blue candle and focus on its flame, representing the healing truth of love and strength.

Meditate on the flame. In your mind’s eye, see the flame burning away all the negativity in your aura and the space around you. Once you feel your space/aura is cleansed, go to the next step …

Now imagine the pain of the event in your life. The event may be a personal experience or a public one like the Paris attacks. Create an image (in your mind) that represents the event. See the image floating above the flame. Concentrate on the image until it is a solid image above the candle. Feel it; know it is there.

Breathe deeply in and out, in and out. In your mind’s eye, lower the image into the flame and watch it burn away. Feel the heat in your heart as the image and related pain is transformed into the purity of peace and strength. As the image vanishes, see that all that remains is a phoenix of peace and strength.

Do the Cakes and Wine Ceremony.

Close Your Circle in your usual way.

[When you’re done with the exercise, have the candle continue burning. Make sure that things are safe so that the candle can burn until it goes out on its own. Never leave a burning candle unattended.]

I hope this meditation-exercise supports you in your personal journey of healing.


Moonwater SilverClaw

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