Why Do We Have Yule Trees and Wreaths?


“You call them Yule trees. I grew up hearing them called Christmas trees,” my friend Kevin said.

“That may be so. Still, Yule is the Winter Solstice. Yule has been celebrated for thousands of years,” I replied.

Yule trees signify everlasting life. Our ancestors believed that evergreen trees were special. Why?

In the winter time, all the vegetation of the land died, except for evergreen trees. These trees defied death. These trees held some special power against Winter.

Realize that Winter was a scary and tough time for our ancestors. Vegetation perished and people died due to cold, illness and lack of food.

Our ancestors held the evergreen tree—the Yule Tree—as a sign of life in the middle of Winter … and as a symbol of eternal life.

Our ancestors brought evergreen trees into the home to bring this energy to the people who dwelled there.

When made into wreaths. the combination of the circle (the circle of life) and the evergreens made the symbol of everlasting life all that more potent.

I invite my fellow Pagans to smile when they see Yule Trees.

We know the special meaning and we can celebrate that!


Moonwater SilverClaw

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