How You Can Manifest Prosperity in 2016


Happy calendar New Year to all my readers!

Many of us want to start off the calendar New Year right. We tend to make New Years resolutions. Many of us want to manifest more prosperity in our lives. Let’s avoid the first mistake in prosperity magick: tending to focus on one’s outer environment verses the inner self.

Yes, you can ask for prosperity to flow to you. But the better way I have found is to empower yourself to create more income. In this way you’re not just asking for a handout.

Instead, you place energy into yourself to create inner change. That’s where the real magick happens, and this creates the most benefit for you.

Why do I say this? To change yourself is to change your world.

We perceive the world around us. We can see a world of roadblocks or we can see opportunity. It’s our choice.

Below I’ll share a ritual called New Years Prosperity/Opportunity Ritual, in which you’ll be able to exercise your choice.

About Bathing Before Doing a Ritual

Always bathe before doing a ritual. Some ask, “Can I take a shower?” If you do not have a bathtub and only have a shower, you can still soak the herbs (I specify them below) in a large bucket of warm water.

If you take a shower, you can clear the debris of the day off first. Then, you have a choice: a) you can pour the herbs-water of the bucket upon yourself or b) you can use a cloth and wash your body with the herbs-water.

Let’s Talk About Herbs For Your Ritual Bathing

Shampoo* and soap* preferably herb-infused form the best choice. Wiccans use lavender to help sooth and calm themselves to get their head in the right space.

(* Prior to your ritual bathing, Cast Circle and then cleanse and consecrate your shampoo and soap. Only use these specific items of shampoo and soap for ritual bathing.)

For a Ritual Bath, Prepare a Sachet

To prepare a sachet, begin with a 4×4 inch square piece of cheesecloth and some string to close it. Use these Bath Herbs: Basil, Ginger and Pomegranate. Place the bath herbs into the middle of the cloth. Then pull up the four corners of your cloth and tie them together using the string. If you don’t have cloth, you can also use a clean sock or stocking that hasn’t been used before.

Next draw the water for the ritual bath and place the sachet in the water. If you desire, light some candles and burn some incense.

Soak in the bath while meditating on the blessings you want to manifest in the calendar New Year. (Avoid getting stuck in thinking that you don’t know how you will accomplish your desires in the everyday world.) Imagine the spiritual strength building up in you to manifest the blessings while envisioning any negative energy being soaked up by the herbs. Know you have the power to accomplish your dreams. Again, never mind the how. The Gods will provide “the how.”

Do your part and invite the Gods to guide you in how you can make a bigger and/or better contribution and thus expand your income.

The New Years Prosperity/Opportunity Ritual

What you will need:

  • Three Candles (one each: yellow, green, purple)
  • Candle dressing oil (Virgin Olive oil that has been blessed and consecrated will do fine.)
  • Working tools
  • Altar
  • Cakes and Wine

Cast circle in the usual manner.

Light the yellow candle as you say:

My eyes were once shut,
I now make them open.
Eyes that did not see,
I now have vision.
I call upon you,
the four elements of Wicca

Make the sign of the pentagram on your body [by touching your forehead followed in order: the left breast, right shoulder, left shoulder, right breast and back to forehead].

Light the Green candle and say:

Earth for fertility of my own mind
Air for new beginnings in rapid time
Fire to move the direction I must go
Water to birth new opportunities for me to grow

Finally light the Purple candle and say:

I call upon the Earth and Sky
I call upon the Sun and Moon
May the power to change my fate be my boon

Make the sign of the pentagram again and say:

By year’s end may this take place,
for the good of all, I now claim my space.
I charge myself, my life, by the Gods’ grace;
Fill me with light so my desires take place.

Do the Cakes and Wine Ceremony

Close Circle

*  *  *

May you and the Gods manifest the best for you in this calendar New Year.

Blessed Be,

Moonwater SilverClaw

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