Guard Your Wiccan Path

Sacred Path

I’m 13 years old, and my red hair was a striking gift from my Scottish grandfather. He’d call it a gift. But as I walked past John Gill Elementary School, the bullies (some mean boys) used my red hair as a target of ridicule to smash my self-esteem.

Day after day, they teased me.

What was I to do? Would I dye it purple? Would I hide it beneath a baseball cap?

Actually, I wasn’t thinking of hiding my hair at all. Instead I wished that I did not have red hair.

The teasing caused a whirlwind of anger to rise up in my chest until it was a full-fledged storm of fury. I ran toward the fence and kicked it. Then I shook that fence. The boys just laughed at me from the safety of the other side.

But then something shifted in my thinking. There’s got to be another way I can walk home from school. So I found another way to walk home. I finally got those boy’s taunts out of my life.

Today, I was talking with a friend about walking our Wiccan Path.

As Wiccans, we often have to walk a path that includes the taunts of non-Wiccans. These people, fueled by lies in the entertainment media, are misinformed and uneducated. Like those boys, they are NOT worth our time.

Whatever you do, avoid letting yourself fall into a trap of failing to honor your own spiritual truth.

I understand that, as a 13 year old, I wanted to not have red hair—a target of teasing.

Still, now as a woman, I know that I am strong enough to own my red hair and my Wiccan Path.

I invite you to consider how you can gather with like-minded people.

You can enjoy your path home.

Blessed Be,

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