Please Help Patrick McCollum

Irises I am posting early because I am leaving for a camping trip. My good friend Patrick needs our help. Please sign the petition.  Help the Thailand people.

Blessings Everyone, I shared a few days ago that I have been working on a major religious discrimination / human rights case in Thailand, and now I need your help. The Buddhist temple and the Abbott involved have given me permission to take the case public. I personally know a number of the individuals involved.

The underlying issue of the case is that there was a military takeover of the government recently and now the ruling military leaders are systematically taking out all sects of Buddhism that are not theirs and removing all religious leaders who have the power to speak out in a larger way.

We’ve all seen religious violence and ethnic cleansing before and this is what’s going on. The Abbot of one of the largest temples in Thailand has had an arrest warrant issued for him. He is both elderly and extremely ill. The charges are trumped up, and previous religious and political leaders showing up to answer similar charges have disappeared!

The temple has literally millions of followers with a large walled temple grounds and they have resisted, asking for UN or US intervention. During the time I have been helping with the defense strategy, the army moved tanks and soldiers in, but decided to withdraw when supporters at the temple decided to take a stand.

Right now things are in a standoff!

I have obtained international legal defense for the Abbott and they are in-route to defend him legally, but this issues needs to be brought out into the open. There is potential for significant violence and major religious & human rights violations.

Please sign and forward this petition to see if we can’t change the outcome May Peace Prevail On Earth, Patrick McCollum Please sign the petition.

Blessed Be, Moonwater P.S. To sign up for our E-Newsletter click here.

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