When to Share about Your Wiccan Path…


“You really have courage, Moonwater,” Steven, one of my friends, said.
“You talk openly about your Wiccan path,” he said.

I’ve had a number of conversations with Wiccans who talk openly about their path and with others who do not and remain in the “broom closet.”

When I attend work-networking events with one of my family members, I wear my pentacle (I always wear it) with a blouse that obscures it. Why? In his work, my family member encounters many different Christians from different sects. My thought is: if someone asks me I’ll talk about my Wiccan path, but I will not “push” the attendees by displaying something that is personal to me.

My mentors emphasize that Wiccans do not proselytize. At merriam-webster.com, the definition of proselytize includes “to induce someone to convert to one’s faith; to recruit someone to join one’s party, institution, or cause.”

On occasion, I have found an individual or two to be oppressive (or at least annoying) when someone was trying to convert me or recruit me for their religion.

When talking with Wiccan friends, I enjoy that we leave space for people to have their own individual practices and thoughts.

Wiccans get to choose what thoughts and beliefs we have, and we are not forced into someone else’s beliefs like certain religions.



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