How to Mix Oils and Make Sprays to Enhance Your Magick


You can choose from an assortment of different oils to use in magick. Wiccans use oils to anoint candles, sachets, talismans, amulets, crystals, and people. You can also wear oils like perfumes.

An oil’s scent creates energy, which we use in our magick.

Make sure that the oils you use are genuine and authentic essential oils—in other words, that they are made from the plants themselves. The plant’s oils carry the plant’s properties and energies that we use in our magick. Many distributors will slap on the label “essential oil” to make a buck, but many of these are synthetic scents, which do not carry a plant’s vital energies or properties. For this you need genuine oils that come directly from the plant itself.

Undiluted oils can irritate your skin. So dilute them by adding them to a base oil. To do this, take 1/8 cup of a base oil such as Jojoba oil. Then, using an eye dropper, place around 9 drops of the undiluted essential oil into your base oil. Swirl in a clockwise direction to mix. Then you can use this mixture on the skin for anointing.

To anoint the body, rub your diluted oil mixture on your wrists, neck, and sometimes behind the knees if desired. This will let your body absorb the energies of the oils.

Magickal Sprays

For people who have difficulties being around the smoke of incense, using magickal sprays may be a good solution. Sprays also help when one lives in a building with rules against the use of incense.

Sprays are considered a new invention, and they are not part of traditional witchcraft.

Up to now, I have not used sprays. But when one of my readers asked about them, I took an interest and looked into what some Wiccans do.

Use a glass spray bottle and avoid plastic because plastic can leach into your solution making it tainted.

Dark colored glass bottles protect the oils within.

Start with spring water or, if necessary, you can use distilled water. Pour water to fill your glass atomizer spray bottle up to its shoulder.

Drop three or nine drops (or a combination of your oils) of each oil into your spray bottle.

WARNING: Do not place stones or crystals in your bottles due to the fact that some type of harmful trace elements may be within such crystals or stones. (I learned this from a geologist.) Some trace elements can make you quite ill or worse.

If you want to add the energies of stones to your spray, you can use this safe method: Nestle the bottle of finished magickal spray in a small basin filled with your chosen stone.

If you only have one crystal or stone, you can fill the basin with water and set the item in the basin. Place the basin into the light of the full moon.

WARNING: Make sure that your bottle is tightly sealed so that your contents are safely separated from the water contained in the basin.

May your spells be enhanced.

Blessed Be,

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