How to Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Spells


“It’s not working,” Sandi said.

“What?” I asked.

“My spells. I know what I want. It’s just not manifesting. Why is that?”

“There can be many reasons,” I replied.

After an extended conversation, Sandi and I uncovered that her self-doubt and even low self-esteem were sabotaging her efforts.

The truth is: If you do not believe you can make a change, you won’t. Self-doubt is the one of the biggest problems we have as practitioners of the Craft.

Recently, I shared a spell to attract new and positive friends. It’s not just about doing the ritual according to the steps. If you don’t believe you deserve new and positive friends, you may find that the spell falters.

Much of how magick works is on the subconscious level. If you have been trying and trying to do a spell, and you’re not getting what you, it may be time to look into what you truly believe.

So how do you get down to the root of the problem—to what you believe on the subconscious level?

Meditation can help here. Meditating on the problem and asking the Gods for help in locating the issue can help you find the problem area(s).

Realize that your subconscious mind speaks in images and metaphors. It may take some time to unravel the mystery.

Some of us would like a shortcut. So we may buy a dreams-and-symbols book. This will not help on the level that I’m talking about. Why? Only you know your own unique symbols.

Here’s an example. Sandi finds that a red ball keeps jumping into her thoughts as she meditates. A dreams-and-symbols book may say one thing. But, for Sandi, a red ball means something specific. It takes her a couple of meditation sessions before the memory rises up.

During her childhood, Sandi’s favorite toy was a red ball. When she was five, Sandi’s friend Amanda took that ball away. Not just that. Amanda hit Sandi. That’s a painful memory. Not only that, it’s reported that much of what we think about the world is formed when we’re quite young.

During her meditation, Sandi realizes that the image of the red ball brings a rush of feelings: anger, sadness, and pain over a betrayal. “Amanda was my friend. How could she be so mean?!” Sandi thinks.

To Make Your Spells Work, You May Need to Work with Deep-Seated Feelings

To find your way to new and healthy friendships, you might need to deal with your deep-seated feelings and beliefs about people. If, on the subconscious level, you feel afraid of being betrayed again, your subconscious mind might be blocking your spellwork. It doesn’t want you to get hurt again. You need sit with your feelings, to heal, and to let go.

A number of us find working with a therapist is helpful.

Now, this may be a bit of a disappointment to some Wiccans who are looking for a fast, easy way to solve problems by just casting a spell. We’re talking about your whole life here. Our subconscious mind is part of the picture.

Many of us do not want to delve into the unpleasant side of our journey here on earth. Some people just want to focus on “everything that is light and shiny.”

I understand that. I can say from personal experience: You can travel further on your path of healing and personal growth when you are willing to look at a hidden side of yourself.

Wicca is a path that helps us connect with who we truly are.

I invite you to welcome the whole experience: joy, recovery, healing, necessary tears and the expansion and enhanced ability with spellwork that you’re looking forward to.

Blessed Be,

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