Wicca and The Healing Arts


“What’s the best way to use Wicca for healing?” Ben, one of my friends, asked.

I’ve given this a lot of thought. I’ve heard of people who have delayed going to western medical professionals because of their distaste for western medical practices. That could bring on disastrous results.

Walter Isaacson, the biographer and author of Steve Jobs, reported that Jobs’ wife and friends wanted him to get an operation for the tumor in his pancreas. However, Jobs stubbornly insisted on trying alternative therapies for nine months.

Before he died, Jobs told Isaacson that he deeply regretted the decision to delay his surgery. While interviewed on 60 Minutes, Isaacson said, “We talked about this a lot. [Jobs’ decision to treat a neuroendocrine tumor in his pancreas with an alternative diet.]”

Isaacson said, “[Jobs] wanted to talk about it, how he regretted it. … I think he felt he should have been operated on sooner… He said, ‘I didn’t want my body to be opened…I didn’t want to be violated in that way.’”

In light of the above, I’m thinking about how modern Wiccans can give themselves better opportunities to heal:

                1) Go to your doctor

Many witches are surprised that Wiccan healing starts with western medicine. There’s a reason why we have western medicine: It works. But it isn’t perfect. Alternative medicine is also a great resource. However, as Steve Jobs found out, it isn’t perfect, either. We need both to be whole. Western medicine treats the body. Many Wiccans find that magick is a fine supplement in one’s healing efforts.

                2) Follow the instructions of your doctor(s)

You may want to consult a number of doctors. Getting a second opinion is a good process.

And, when you find one or two doctors that you trust, be sure that you follow the instructions they give you. If you go to the doctor and don’t follow his/her instructions, you will miss opportunities to heal. One friend said, “When you’re sick, it’s like you have a new job. You have all kinds of instructions and routines to follow so that you’ll get well as soon as possible.”

Many witches suggest that physical sickness can be a manifestation of being out of balance in a spiritual way. I understand the value of this viewpoint. AND, I also know that we deal with the flu and viruses and other physical difficulties on this physical plane. For example, I take antibiotics when necessary.

                3) Augment these instructions with magick and the healing arts

Adding magick to your regimen provided by a western doctor can increase your healing power.

Magick and the healing arts are really a lifestyle component. For example, are you meditating? Researchers have measured positive changes in the structure of meditators’ brains (via fMRI imagining).

Meditation can truly calm people down. Research has shown that meditation has reduced cortisol [stress hormone] levels.

We can realize that it takes time and certain habits to get physically sick. So, getting well can involve time and Wiccan healing practices.

For example, one of my friends was dealing with cancer. She got chemo, and she asked me to do a healing spell for her. She credits both western medicine and the healing spell for her full recovery. She has been cancer-free over three years!

I invite you to use both western medicine and Wiccan healing practices.

Good health to you.

Blessed Be,

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