Are You Spending Too Much? The Wiccan Way to Financial Well-being


Spending Less Sigil

It’s Yule season and some of us are spending too much. Do you have a concern about this?

We’re bombarded with commercials aimed to convince us that we should buy a gift for everyone, even people you may not get along with, like certain family members or a particularly bad boss.

But remember that Yule is something more than consumerism. Yule is all about the light half of the year returning and the Sun God coming back to us.

To have a good Yule, we don’t need all the gifts and gimmicks. Just family, friends, a good mead and a roaring fire! Oh, what stories will be told!

One of my friends has me concerned. He just complains that he must buy gifts for so many people.

He must buy? He actually has few resources, and he’s already miserable about his significant debt. I can see it on his face. He feels trapped.

I can relate to spending problems. With my depression, I have spent too much when in a depressive episode. I turned to spending as a solace, but spending did not make me any happier. I have been in debt, gotten out, and then plunged back in during another depressive episode.

For many of us, this whole process of spending can bring up a lot of stuff. Old emotions. New fears. Embarrassment when we compare ourselves to others. And we even compare ourselves to a fantasy version of who we might have been. (Some of us find that therapy is helpful.)

Meanwhile, I’ve developed a ritual to help you quiet down the spending urge.

A Ritual to Quiet Down the Spending Urge

What you will need:

  • One blue candle
  • Five white tealight candles
  • A small heat-proof bowl (Place loose change in this bowl. Additionally, make sure this bowl is large enough so you can place a candle in it.)
  • A money preservation sigil (See above the image attached to this post.)
  • Money Oil
  • Ritual Tools (athame etc.)

What to do

Cast Circle.

Bless and consecrate the oil, bowl, change(coins), sigil and candles. Place the money preservation sigil [see the picture accompanying this post] upon your altar. Place the bowl with the loose change on top of it.

Dress all the candles. Place the blue candle in the bowl with the change. Next, arrange the five white tealight candles as a circle around the bowl.

Light the blue candle. Then light the white tealights, as you say three times:

Spending, spending go away
Saving for a rainy day.

Purse strings closed,
Purse strings tight.

Give me strength
To fight the fight.

Money builds and money grows
Prosperity from head to toes

And as I will during the next six months
So mote it be!

This spell is designed to help strengthen you to do that which fosters healthy money management: a) you quiet down the spending urge and b) you put more effort into saving money.

Blessed Be,


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