Wicca and Healing Childhood Trauma


The Light Grows

How is your health?

Researchers note how extreme and terrible childhood experiences can affect our health and journey throughout life.

If you endured abuse or neglect as a child, it is possible to heal, and Wicca can make a vital difference for you.

I’ve written about how Wicca empowered me to leave an abusive marriage.

How was I vulnerable to fall into an abusive marriage? As you can imagine, I had experienced a previous pattern of abuse—as a child.

Researchers refer to abuse and neglect that is inflected on young people as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE).

I recently viewed a TED Talk by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris on the topic “How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime.” (Click here to view the 16-minute video.)

In her work at a clinic in Hunters Point, San Francisco, Dr. Nadine observed that households had various elements that affected the children (including violence, neglect, substance abuse, family member incarceration, and more).

Dr. Nadine, in her TED Talk, noted that many of her medical colleagues in her audience would also respond that they had Adverse Childhood Experiences. Dr. Nadine concluded that this not just a problem in low social-economic neighborhoods. This is a nationwide health problem.

How Wiccans Can Heal

As Wiccans, we have tools to help us deal with stress we have now or the residual effects of childhood trauma. What are these tools?


  • We can talk with the God and Goddess and ask for guidance.

Candle Magick

  • We can do candle magick to heal and create peace in our lives.


  • We can chant and use our intense feelings to create positive change.


  • We can ask the God and Goddess through meditation for Their help.
  • We can also open an internal dialogue with God and Goddess*

* You could simply begin with “Goddess, please help me heal and be free of trauma of my past. What can I do today to nurture myself?” At this point, wait and listen for internal guidance bestowed by the Goddess. You might get immediate guidance or receive Goddess’ guidance some time later.

Learn to Shift When Helpless Feelings Arise

A major problem caused by Adverse Childhood Experiences is that we regress. We fall back into helpless feelings that were natural to feel as a child.

We, as Wiccan adults, can now be the kind caregivers we did not have.

You can, with help from God and Goddess, take much better care of yourself now.

The point is to not stay in helpless feelings you felt while you were traumatized as a child. These feelings of overwhelm are still relevant today—perhaps, even in this moment for you. Remind yourself of MCCP (meditation, candle magic, chanting and prayer). Help yourself shift out of feelings of overwhelm.

Remember, it is possible to heal!

Blessed Be,

P.S. If you’re curious about you own ACE score, you could take this quiz.

If you note that you have a significant score, take action to care for yourself.

I found that my score is “4.” I do a lot to stay stronger and healthier

(including support from a therapist, doctors, my husband, family, friends, exercise, Wiccan Rituals to connect with God and Goddess … and more).

What do you need to heal and stay strong, my friend?


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