The Wiccan Path to Let Go — and to Invite New Energy and Abundance In

“My home has exploded,’ Mary said.

“What?!” I asked.

“My place is getting new windows and there is sooo much stuff to move!” she said. “I really need to start letting go of things. Even things that have a hold on my heart.” She sighed.

Are you inundated with an overwhelming number of things in your home? Need to pare it down a little?

Just like Mary, I can do with less clutter in my home. So, this weekend I’m doing a major paring down of my belongings.

If you’re called to clear out some clutter, here are some helpful ideas.

Ask yourself:

  1. Have I used this item in the past twelve months? If the answer is no, then you can donate it or recycle it.
  2. Hold an item in your hands and ask, “Does this truly make me happy?” If so, keep it. If you have a so-so feeling, then chuck it.
  3. Look at an item and consider whether you could sell it on the internet or at a garage sale.

I’m using these ideas as a guideline this weekend. I’m noticing that I need to have enough energy to tackle this big process.

Here is a simple chant to help in the process.

Get Rid of Things Chant

E-ho eee and E-ho woe
Help me get this stuff to go!
Clutter, clutter go away,
Never, ever come my way.
As you shrink, my space expands,
Throughout my home, no junk may land.
So bye, bye, and never come back,
Goddess, get my grace on track.

One of my mentors noted that when we let go of stuff, we open the door for more peace, grace, and abundance to flow to us.

Blessed Be,

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