How You Can Change and Release Yourself from Being Stuck – A Wiccan Solution


Have you had moments, like me, of thinking, “Change is hard.”

I like this quote:

“Magic is natural. It is a harmonious movement of energies to create needed change.”

– Scott Cunningham

This idea “magic is natural” can transform how you look at change.

Recently, I realized that the path of “harmonious movement of energies to create needed change” is a path that focuses on the pentagram and the 4 Elements plus Spirit.

As Wiccans we can use the Elements in magick to help us. Each Element is a step toward change.

In the process, each Element serves as a step to the next one.

  1. Air

The first step for making real change relates to the Element Air. Air represents thought. We need to know that we truly want to change in the first place.

Wanting change is not enough. In order to create real change, we need to know that change is needed in our life. This knowing helps us make a real commitment.

Simply wishing for change does not get you where you need to go.

Begin with the idea and firm it up. An idea is a powerful thing. Just like a seed has the potential to grow into a beautiful rose, an idea can manifest into something great.

A well-formed idea includes specifics. You want a target that is sharp like a tack. Something you can measure and see. I will use my weight loss of 42.3 lbs. as an example during this post.

In January, my doctor told me I needed to lose the weight. Now, usually just telling someone to lose weight doesn’t work. They need to want to lose the weight. They need to want to make a permanent change in their life. So where could I begin?

Meditation served as my starting point.

Try it. Burn some incense and meditate on your idea. (By the way, burning incense relates to the Element of Air.)

During meditation, let your mind flow. Ultimately, you take that vague idea you have and shape it into a solid idea.

Losing weight was too vague of a target for me. So, I brought it down to a solid number. I wanted to lose five pounds. That’s it. Just five pounds. It’s something small, measurable, and it can be recorded by tracking my weight on a scale.

  1. Fire

Having a firm idea is a good start. But you need the Element of Fire to get your will into the process. Fire helps give you that push, that extra oomph.

Fire gives you the passion to fulfill your idea.

Use passion to help you form a plan of action. For example, my plan was to focus on dropping five pounds. Using the passion of Fire, I did a Weight Loss Spell:

What you will need:

  • One seven knob, green candle
  • Banishing oil
  • Candleholder
  • Lighter

Warning: Be sure to do this spell during the waning moon.

Cast the Circle.

Cleanse and consecrate the oil and candle. Set the candle in its holder. Sit and meditate on your losing weight. See the candle as a representation of the excess weight. When you’re ready, light the candle and say three times:

Little knobbed candle of green,
With powers, great and unseen.

I light you in the vast darkness so,
Illuminate health for me to know.
Bad eating habits and lethargy, I rip out
Of my life within and without!
Let this my prayer be answered now! 

I pray that you will, I pray that you must,
For me to lose weight high water or bust!
As you my little green candle melts,
So too does my weight and waistline melt.
So mote it be!

Now sit and meditate on losing weight until the first knob is burned completely. Then put out the candle with a snuffer.

Repeat above spell for the next six days.

Do the Cakes and Wine Ceremony.
Close the Circle.

Taking action is a great step. Next, you’ll need to marshal positive emotion.

  1. Water

The Element of Water is associated with emotion. We’ve progressed from idea to passion to a plan of action.

Now, let’s be sure that you keep yourself emotionally healthy during the process.

Losing five pounds was all and good, but I could derail my efforts if I drove myself nuts trying to be perfect. To take care of myself emotionally, I created a tool for myself—the Goddess Style Weight Loss method. (See below for my Online Course Goddess Style Weight Loss.)

Take your plan of action and make a tool/method to help you emotionally.


  • A weekly meeting with a friend to “rally the troops” and to keep you strong and consistent in your efforts
  • A pamper yourself day to help keep you calm. Or one simple, nurturing action just for you: like getting a massage once a week.

Consider the possibility of getting pastoral counseling from a fellow Priest or Priestess. Your fellow Priest of Priestess has a unique insight into your journey as a Pagan. This can be especially helpful. Doing a ritual together can be just what’s needed to have you move forward faster.

In some cases, working with a therapist related to emotional healing can help you stay on track. You may not realize that a past trauma may be influencing your behavior. I found that working with a therapist helped me deal with details from my past.

  1. Earth

Stay grounded through the Element of Earth.

Part of grounding is to keep silent about your plans when in the presence of naysayers. Guard your energy against intrusions by naysayers, who can ruin one’s magick work.

Imagine that you ground your plan of action into reality. Take the seed of your plan and plant it in the earth.

Let your seed of intention grow strong and create the change you desire.

At the core of Wicca—it is a joyous union with nature. The Earth is a manifestation of divine energy. – Scott Cunningham

This leads right into Spirit.

  1. Spirit

Spirit is an essential facet of your journey to create positive change.

With Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, you have stepped into a new life. You’re using the tools of change.

The last step is Spirit in which you manifest a permanent, positive change.

If that which thou seekest thou findest not within thee, thou wilt never find it without thee. – written in the voice of the Goddess (found in The Charge of The Goddess by Doreen Valiente)

Your Spirit is within you, always. Your Spirit is your true connection with the God and Goddess.

Change fundamentally comes from within. When we do our magick and create change, we don’t necessarily change the outer world, but we really change our inner world.

So, what do you want to change in your life?

Blessed Be,

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