Use Fear as a Positive Source for Your Magick

“Fear can be a Source for magick-working?” my friend, Jeff, asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“I don’t understand. I’ve heard that if you focus on what you fear too much, you’ll even attract what you fear,” Jeff said. His brows furrowed. It looked like he was making himself afraid by even voicing this thought.

What is fear?

It may seem to be too simple to ask this question. Sure, all of us feel fear sometimes. Still, let’s start here: the Merriam-Webster dictionary describes fear as: an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger.

Dealing with clinical depression, I find fear to be my everyday companion. I have fears about having enough income in the future, close relatives dying, and more.

I’ve learned that I need to do something to get out of the rut of fear.

How can we harness fear?

I’ve learned that fear can be useful. It’s like a warning light (on a pilot’s flight deck) that alerts me to danger.

We evolved to be predisposed to fear. Let’s face it: Those ancestors who saw a saber-toothed tiger, became afraid, and stayed away from it, survived to pass down their genes. Those of our ancestors who saw the saber-toothed tiger and said, “Nice kitty,” didn’t.

So, fear is hardwired into our DNA.

This is good to know. We can use this hardwiring to our advantage.


Fear is like a sign that points to what you truly value. Say we have a fear of being alone. This fear of being alone may indicate that you value having friends and family close by.

I fear homelessness. This could indicate that I value comfort and stability.

Finding your fear sign will help you find your way to your true path. Whenever you have fear about something, ask yourself, “Is this my fear sign?”

To Make Fear a Positive Source of Your Magick …

If you know your fear sign, you can use it to work magick.


In one of my workshops, I had the attendees do a Transform Fear Meditation.

The idea was to start with a physical object in your mind to represent the fear.

Then you imagine the physical object crumbling away like an outer shell to reveal what you value hidden inside.

You can use other forms of meditation.

The questions to use include: “What is fear trying to tell you?” and “What path are you to take?”

Look deep. Ask yourself, “What is the fear pointing to?”

For example, one could ask, “What are you afraid of?

    Public speaking.

What’s that fear pointing to?

    “I’m afraid of forgetting my words.”

What’s that fear pointing to?

    I’m afraid of being embarrassed.

What’s that fear pointing to?

    I’m afraid of feeling like a piece of garbage.

Turn this Around. What is the opposite of that fear?

    I want to feel good in my heart. I want to feel that I matter and that I contribute something good to the world.

Now, you have a Powerful Intention to Use as a Source of Your Magick!

Next, you can do a Spell to Boost Your Self-Esteem.

Or you could light a candle and say,
Lord and Lady, guide me
To strengthen myself
So I feel good about what I’m doing.
Help me to contribute
Something good to this world.
So Mote It Be.

In summary, the idea is to avoid staying in the rut of fear.

Instead, use the fear to point you to a Positive Intention, that is, what you truly value.

Then, have your spellwork focus on what you truly value.

Blessed Be,

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