What Witches Can Do to Remove Blocks to Great Health

Are you facing significant health problems?

I’ve learned a lot about the process of dealing with significant health situations. I’ve learned to drop 50 lbs.* so I have avoided going down the diabetes path on which my mother struggles.

I am doing well in working with asthma and clinical depression symptoms.

Here are some things I’ve discovered along the way …

  1. Recognize what you get from the physical illness

“What do you mean, what I get from the physical illness?” my friend, Penny, asked. “I am forced to be stuck in my bed. I’m in pain.”

I nodded. I remained quiet. She would see it, or she wouldn’t.

“Oh … If I’m sick, I don’t have to go back to my parents’ house for Christmas,” she said. Considering the abuse she endured, her body seemed to have given her the only “correct excuse” for not going back to her parents’ home like “a good girl.”

Every situation is unique. This depends on the individual and their situation. For example, I take appropriate medications for my medical issues. Look to get support from medical professionals and mental health professionals as needed.

How does this relate to us, Wiccans? If you’re not listening to your body, you might have trouble listening to the Goddess. What does this mean? Look at the whole situation. Do you need to devote significant effort or attention to your health? Is it time for you to stop toxic situations in your life? Sometimes, it’s as if your body says, “Wake up. This way of living is not good for you.”

I suggest that you take a whole-life view of health and wellness.

  1. Willpower is a lie.

This comment sounds extreme. How many times have you heard someone say, “I just have to have the willpower to stop ____?”

If you think willpower is simply a matter of gritting your teeth, clasping your hands together and saying, “No! I won’t do it!”—you might have a bumpy ride.

My own husband hides cookies out of his sight (in a cupboard). Why? Because it’s easy for a person to fall into a habit of “see cookie—eat cookie.”

He’s not trying to rely on “willpower.” Instead, he’s using a strategy.

I know from personal experience that simply setting up “rules” for a diet can result in failure. You make up rules, sometimes impossible rules, to live by.

And when we don’t live up to those rules, we get mad at ourselves. This approach to willpower does not work.

What does this mean for us, Wiccans? Let’s move beyond trying to use willpower to make sure that we do a ritual or be active with the Craft. Instead, aim for making ritual an organic part of your daily life. Perhaps, you’ll do a ritual in the first 15 minutes after dinner (This is similar to how my husband and I have a routine of going for a walk after dinner.)

  1. Do you want it bad enough? – Why?

I note two types of want – 1) Want to manifest something and 2) Want to throw out something.

How deep is your want? This relates to how we Wiccans manifest things via magick. We need a powerful desire to manifest what we want.

If you do not have the deep, powerful emotional connection, your spell is likely to fail. That’s harsh to know. Still, this knowledge can empower you.

When you do a ritual, be sure to tap into your Deep Want.
Here are examples:

  • I want to be healthy so I can enjoy years with a new romantic partner
  • I want to be healthy so I can avoid diabetes that runs in my family
  • I want to be able to move, so I do NOT run out of breath going up a flight of stairs*

In summary, take a whole-life view of your health and wellness.
We, Wiccans, are fortunate in that we can integrate our spirituality with our being healthy on the earthly plane.

Blessed Be,

*P.S. I mentioned how I dropped 50 lbs. If you are called to lose weight, take my online course Goddess Style Weight Loss—which is available Jan. 2019. Sign up at GoddessStyleWeightLoss.com

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