How Witches Make a Choice Related to a Big Risk

“Take a new job? Start my own business? I don’t know what to do,” my friend, Alicia, said.

My first thought was about how people often think that a choice is “binary” – this or that – yes or no.

We had a good conversation that stayed with me.

Here are some insights when you face choices involving risk:


1.Consult an Elder

When taking a risk, consider seeking the counsel of an elder.

In many cases, if you talk with an appropriate elder, you’ll find someone who has walked the path before you.

(I will make an important distinction here: If you want to do a particular thing in the mundane world, choose an elder who has personally done such tasks.)

An appropriate elder has seen the road and the dangers ahead, and they can guide you on the correct path.

Witches honor the sage counsel of our elders. We see them as representing the Crone aspect of the Goddess. The Crone has wisdom and can help on the path before us.


2.Consult the Tarot or another Divination Tool

If you have a big choice with a significant risk attached, it is good to consult your divination tool. I have consulted my Tarot cards when I needed guidance on the path for my own choices.


3.Consult the Gods

You can ask the Gods for help in choosing to take the risk. Meditation is a good way to invite a conversation with your chosen Deity.

I ask the Goddess for help often in meditation and in prayer.

You can ask: “If it’s best for me to choose ‘A’, let me see a _____.”

You can suggest a timetable like: “If the answer is ‘A,’ may I see three blue cars this afternoon.”

Here is a prayer for asking for the Gods’ guidance:


Guidance Prayer

May my choice be clear.

Let me not fear,

for the Gods are always near.

So Mote it Be.


May this process bless your life.

Blessed Be,


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