How Witches Deal with the Signs Are Pointing One Way, But You Disagree with Them

Have you sought guidance from the God and Goddess?

Did you receive some signs, but you are uncertain or even in disagreement with where the signs are pointing for you? This can be a common problem.

Here are three insights:

1.  Look for the source of your resistance

The source of your resistance may be fear. Change often requires going into the unknown. Are you afraid you will lose something? Or maybe you’re afraid the new chapter of your life will require you to be more skillful or courageous. Gaining more responsibility may feel scary. If you look at what fear may be present, you can stretch and grow. You might have to take conscious action to increase your skills.

2.  Listen to the Gods Again

Maybe, you’re not really hearing Them, or you’re stuck in your own misinterpretation of the signs.

Go into a meditation session and ask the Gods to help you have a clear understanding. You might ask for a new sign to give you a specific idea of your next step. You could ask, “Dear Gods, please let me know… if you mean ____, show me a white rabbit in the mundane world. Or if you mean _____, show me a red balloon. If you mean something else, show me a purple flower.”

If you get the purple flower, you can begin the process again.

3.  Ask the God and Goddess for clarity and for direction

As some people age, their bodies become rigid. The former gymnast might, as he or she gets older, find it hard to walk ten steps. Flexibility, like walking, is something that you can lose if you don’t use it.

Sometimes, when we’re in so much pain, we fold in on ourselves like a folding chair. This is a good time to ask the God and Goddess for Their help in developing our own clarity and flexibility.

Here is a prayer you can use to help in the process.

Prayer for Clarity

Lord and Lady,
May I have a sign, a beacon of light,
As the sun rises and brings warmth and illumination to the land
May this prayer create illumination in my mind
To shine upon my true path.
So Mote it Be.

Then you can follow up with a meditation session and see what guidance the Gods give you.

May this process bless your journey.

Blessed Be,

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