How Witches Transcend First Judgments and Appreciate the Wisdom of the Elements

“What are the negatives and positives of each Element? For example, fire is warm and comforting, yet can be destructive,” one of my readers asked.

Let’s explore this.

  • Fire

A first thought that fire can be destructive can miss an important part of the picture. For example, fire can be used to purify something. This can be viewed as using fire’s “destructive side” for a positive outcome.

  • Water

Water is all about emotion. When water crashes, it might be associated with anger. Can the emotion of anger be used for something positive? One of my friends once did a silly stunt in college. He jumped to a balcony. He found himself dangling by his hands with the risk of death or grave injury. He got mad that his life might be ended if he didn’t muster the energy to pull himself up. He grunted a powerful curse word and pulled himself to safety.

One can use anger about how people are hurting our environment and then channel it into taking action to get elected officials to move forward to protect our environment.

Water is also associated with positive emotion, including love. Think of floating serenely on a lake.

  • Air

Air is about thought. We wouldn’t want to be stuck there. Action is required for positive change. However, thinking something through, which can invoke our intuition, can be truly necessary. Good thought and then good action.

  • Earth

Earth is the foundation. Traditionally, witches associate earth with abundance, strength and prosperity. However, Earth can be destructive in terms of earthquakes, mudslides and avalanches. Earth is the sustainer. I often think of Earth as connected to stillness. When you tune into the positive aspect of Earth think of how the Earth sustains and supports us.

When you cast your Circle you’re asking the Elementals, the rulers of the Elements, to help you out.

I’ve noticed that it helps to keep in mind the multiple aspects of the Elements.

Let’s look at celebrating the Elements.

Blessed Be,

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