Blossom as the Real You

Blossom as the Real You

Blossom into the New You

Starting Wicca is like cleaning a dirty car for the first time. Before I left for a trip I decided to get my car washed. Why? My car was “the dirt clog on wheels.”

Though it’s supposed to be white, my car remained a splotchy palomino gray, for most of its existence.

So at the car wash center, I lined my vehicle with the others and left the keys in the car for the attendant. I sat down in the waiting area and watched car after car coming out of the other end of the giant cleaning machine.

I was sitting there for a while. Vehicles emerged from the cleaning machine, one after another. Soon I’m thinking, “Where’s my car?!” I recognized the car that had been in line in front of my car. But then, it took me a moment to realize that the gleaming white car behind it was actually my car!

This, believe it or not, is like the beginning of your practice of Wicca. Throughout your life you collect “dirt.” This can be in the form of unhelpful thoughts from people who think they know what’s best for you. This degrading process can lead to bad self-esteem. You might even doubt your worthiness in the face of deity and others. “How can I be loved if I do “X?”

All this buildup up of  degrading thoughts is like the buildup of dirt on my car. Soon you cannot even recognize the goodness and value you began life with.

Here are some examples of degrading thoughts:

“God won’t love me if I don’t pray three times a day”


“God will punish me because I’m gay.”


“I wont go to the promised land if I don’t go to [church, temple, the Mosque and so forth].”

All of these thoughts and other people’s “shoulds” are crap–like the bird crap on my car.

The world places unrealistic demands on us. “Nice girls don’t make trouble.” and “Men don’t cry.” This is simply “Crap!”

How does Wicca fit in? Well, all that crap you are carrying can be cleaned out and washed off. Just like my car.

Coming into Wicca, you carry the world’s crap upon you. The practice of Wicca with its car wash of meditation and self discovery will help you rid yourself of the unwanted grunge the world places on you.

When we practice our meditation techniques we get rid of the world’s “cling-ons.” And when that happens a whole new world opens up to you. Just like I didn’t recognize my car at first, your family and friends may not recognize the new you either.

Be aware too that many people do not like change. So when they see you happier they may give you resistance. This is normal. Don’t be discouraged if this happens.

Only you know what’s best for you. Eventually, some people will accept you. Others won’t. But the most important thing is for you to accept yourself and enjoy your new clean and bright experience of life.

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