Squat the Parking Goddess

Car in parting spot

Need To Find a Parking Spot?

All hale the Goddess Squat! Please tell me you know Squat. If you don’t know Squat, you should.

Squat is the Parking Goddess. She gives you parking spaces to park in. I love Squat. I always ask for her help when I can’t find a parking space. She is obviously is a modern goddess. When I ask Squat for a space, 90% of the time she finds me one.

How do you ask Squat for help? Recite this little chant:

Squat, Squat,

Find me a spot!

I have done this and I kid you not, I don’t even finish the chant and someone pulls out of a space right in front of me! I immediately say with gratitude: “Thank you, Squat!”

After the day is done, and Squat has given me parking space(s), I go home and light a candle for her to thank her for her help. So invite her to help you. Now you can’t say you don’t know Squat!

Blessed be,

Moonwater Silverclaw

14 thoughts on “Squat the Parking Goddess

  1. i sing to her. SQUAT SQUAT SAVE MY SPOT, as words to whatever song is on the radio, or i use a tune that is in my head. works every time. she likes my voice, apparently.


  2. I heard/read years ago that the Goddess of parking spaces is called
    Shirley Meyers. I have often called on her and she always helps. It has amazed many friends and relatives.


  3. I learned it as ‘Squat, Squat, I know that you’re hot, find me a spot’. And in payment you had to tell her a dirty joke! I got that from Gabriel of the Feri Trad….


  4. I heard she likes offerings of chocolate. She is working so well for me in a dicey situation living near a large college that I am going to build her a shrine in front of an Aunt Jemima bottle. ( She is supposed to assume the form of a large black woman according to the lore. )


    • Herodias,
      It’s good to hear about your finding your own personal way of celebrating your own relationship with Squat the Parking Goddess.
      I personally enjoy doing a candle-lighting ritual.


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