The Summer Solstice Litha, also known as Midsummer, represents when the God is at his height in power and fertility. The sun now takes its longest path across the sky and we experience the longest day of the year. This completes the sun’s waxing cycle and begins the waning part of the solar year. The days become increasingly shorter until the Wheel of the Year returns to Yule when the days once again wax with the sun. The days grow longer.

Wiccans enjoy collecting and drying of herbs during Litha. Many of them take nice walks out in nature to harvest herbs. Herbs harvested during this period have greater magickal powers than herbs gathered at other times of the year. Herbs reach their peak of strength and potency during Litha.

Once again, the bonfire holds a prominent place. The God rises to his peak as his power and strength expands at Litha.

Along the line of a bonfire, when my coven meets for Litha, we do a barbeque. Meat and fire form a good combo for this Sabbat! Yum!


Moonwater SilverClaw

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