Wicca Celebrates Sex!

Sex and Lovemaking

Sex and Lovemaking

Wicca and Sex

Have you noticed that many mainstream religions seem to have major hang-ups about sex? These faiths have many rules regarding sex. They tell you when you can and especially when you can’t have sex. They often say sex is “sinful” and “dirty.” They even suggest that the “truly righteous completely abstain from such deplorable practices.”

These rigid mindsets have twisted much of society concerning sex. Although sex helps us feel happy and healthy, so many religions deny their practitioners of fulfilling this fundamental need.

On the other hand, in Wicca, the Gods show us sex as a beautiful part of life. Not something to be ashamed of or avoided. Just notice how sexuality and sensuality are celebrated. You have Aphrodite, a joyful, sexy goddess. Think of the randy energy of Pan. How about the stories and songs about Venus (yes, another name for Aphrodite)?

There are many forms of sex, for example, the activities shared by some friends. Here I’ll be specific and talk about lovemaking. Wiccans have understood the precious gift of lovemaking from the beginning. They see it for what it truly is: something sacred. To make love is a pure act and to Wiccans we are reenacting the divine ritual between the God and the Goddess. This ritual can be for procreation or for pleasure. Whichever one chooses, the act itself is a powerful and sacred bond that connects the participants to all of creation.

When I hear of some religions’ intolerance of certain forms of lovemaking and certain partners, it deeply saddens me. Such intolerance denies the beauty of creating and cherishing another. Such intolerance creates separation and the chained people are separated from the wholeness of the universe.

Wiccans revere the sexual act as deeply sacred. We see it in its rightful place among the other cycles in the turning of the wheel.

Sex is not evil. Lovemaking is not dirty or sinful. It is a part of our sacred lives. Practiced by caring, loving, consenting, of age people, it is a part of human nature, and a gift from the Gods.


Moonwater SilverClaw

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