How Do You Heal When Life Slams You With Too Much?


A way to peace.

How Do You Heal When Life Slams You With Too Much?

As many of you know, my close friend was shot dead at his workplace a few days ago. I’ve just had foot surgery, and I’ve got family members upset in a current whirlwind of activities.

I just keep thinking what’s next? All of this happening around this sacred Yule time.

I’m squeezed by both emotional and physical pain, feeling overwhelmed.

A blessing for comfort and healing.

As the moon is high above me,
The Goddess is deep within me.
As the sun shines long and bright,
The God’s compassion fills me right.

With broken heart and shattered dreams,
Black as night with all scary fiends.
Lord and Lady lift me up,
Let me drink from your healing cup.
Mending all my broken pieces,
Ironing out all my creases.
Mending all that was strewn about,
Healing all with no stone left out.

So mote it be.



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2 thoughts on “How Do You Heal When Life Slams You With Too Much?

  1. So mote it be.
    I think we’re all going to get a little more shaken in 2014, but I’m trying to look at this time as the hard part, with smooth sailing and easy flow for those of us that keep getting slammed upon the rocks instead of washed ashore in the sweet oblivion of a mental blackout. I’m sorry for your friend, so tragic. Sending healing vibes and calm waves. I hope it reaches you and eases. Blessed Be )o(


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