Death and Grief during Yule Time

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Death and Grief during Yule Time

A dear friend of mine was shot at his workplace and killed last Wednesday, the 11th. I’m grieving and I’m angry because I feel his death could have been prevented.

Grieving during the holidays when everyone is supposed to be so cheerful feels especially painful. In our pain, we might even feel anger take hold. It’s unfair to be singled out for grief.

So what can you do for a person in grief? Just listen to them.

Listening to a person dealing with grief is a hard thing. It often brings up our own pain.

Listening is a gift you give to help the grieving person feel needed support. Saying what she feels can even begin her healing process.

It’s true that you can’t solve anything for the person. But you don’t need to, and you shouldn’t try. The person grieving must travel the path of healing herself.

Being there for your friend or family member is the best thing you can do. Offering a kind heart, understanding shoulder and attentive ear is the best gift you can give someone going through grief.

May all those who cross to the other side this Yule Time be blessed, and may those who are left behind be blessed as well.

So mote it be.



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4 thoughts on “Death and Grief during Yule Time

  1. So sorry to hear about your friend. That is really awful. My cat has lymphoma and is very ill. This time has been excruciating. Many blessings to you.


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