Invoking and Banishing the Elements

The Pentagram and the Five Elements

The Pentagram and the Five Elements

Invoking and Banishing the Elements


When we begin a ritual and call in the Elements, we are inviting them to protect us and help us with something we want in life.

For example, if I’m doing a ritual related to love, I may invoke Water because it focuses on emotions.

I may want to bring passion to some situation in my life, and I would then invoke Fire.

How do we invoke an Element? It involves moving your hand in the air according to that which is indicated in the below diagram.

Proper invoking is easy. All you need to know is where to start. Here is a good rule: To invoke, go towards the element you’re invoking.

What this means is: you move your hand in the air (according to the diagram) in the direction of the desired Element.

At the end of your ritual . . .

At the end of the ritual, you will want to banish the element. I’ve shared with a student that if you don’t banish Water after you invoke it, you might end up with plumbing problems. If you don’t banish Fire, you might have a fire start in your home. Don’t let this happen! Be sure to banish the element.

To banish the element, move your hand in the direction away from that element you wish to banish. You can see this in the diagram below.


Pentagram Chart

When do I use the elemental invoking and banishing pentacles? One of the most common ways to use these pentagrams is casting and later taking down a circle. The other most common use is when you work with specific elements.

Elements can be a powerful part of your spiritual practice.

Handle with care.

And watch positive outcomes happen.


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