Why Do Wiccans Do Ritual?

Doing Ritual

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Why Do Wiccans Do Ritual?

It was a tough time. Bills were closing in on me. I felt desperate. I reached for something that is constant: The presence of the Gods and Goddesses. How to feel Their presence? – do a ritual.

Further, Wiccans do rituals to attune themselves to the cycles of the earth.

We do ritual to change ourselves for the better. We even change how we perceive ourselves and in so doing change the world around us.

Because of all of the above, ritual is a powerful tool.

We use some rituals to acknowledge the different stages of life, and in this way change ourselves forever. Stages include: reaching puberty, hand-fasting (Wiccan Marriage) and even for reaching elder status.

Ritual can help us create a true understanding of ourselves. We take a first step to a new reality for us. We get a new perception that assists us to make different decisions which can completely change our lives.

Above, I talked about the tough time with bills closing in. That was 2012. I needed to change my reality. So I did a ritual. In preparation for that ritual, I used another tool–meditation.

The meditation (which can be a ritual in and of itself) led me to the answer of doing a particular ritual.

Enduring financial troubles, I needed more income. I had tried the quick fix spells for more money. Those spells backfired. So if these spells were not working, what would?

I needed to do some inner change. So I did a ritual in which I asked to become stronger, to be able to create my own abundance in life. This is what I needed. Not another spell to just dump money in my lap. But to be able to be my own catalyst in my own life. This was inner work; this was changing me – not just temporarily altering an external situation.

A short time after completing my ritual, I had a vision from the Gods: I was write my first book The Hidden Children of the Goddess.

By doing the ritual, I was the catalyst in my own life. I had never written an article. But I had received a vision from the Gods, so I began to write. Because I have dyslexia, I engaged a team of editors. While writing the book, I started writing this blog which now has viewers in over 112 countries.

By meditating, then doing a ritual and then receiving a vision from the Gods, I was on a new path as a writer. In becoming a writer, I then became a workshop leader.

So I am living proof that doing a ritual can change your life. And it can start a positive cascade effect until you uplift those around you. And some of us go further so that a ritual is the start of our changing the world.

So now it’s your turn. Change your world! Make new possibilities bloom in your life and in the lives of others. Listen to your heart. What would you like a ritual to do for you? Look at resources like my book The Hidden Children of the Goddess for rituals and meditations you can do.

Remember the Gods are always with you. Do a ritual and feel Their support.


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2 thoughts on “Why Do Wiccans Do Ritual?

  1. Very inspiring article and a great reminder of why ritual is so important. This is definitely an area I need to work on in my own practice as I have a knack for finding “more pressing” matters to attend to instead of setting aside time for ritual. Thank you for the reminder


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