Why Do Bad Things Happen?



I can’t breathe. I’m in the Emergency Room area, waiting. But they’re not taking me in. They’re leaving me in the waiting room.

That’s how I felt a few days ago. It was my second time in the hospital in 24 hours. There’s no other word for it: suffering. I felt a big weight on my chest, preventing me from taking in an adequate breath.

In my suffering, some thoughts rose up. Why are the Gods letting this happen to me? Haven’t I been serving Their plan well enough?

Can you relate to this? Perhaps, you’re suffering now. Or you’ve suffered in the recent past. It’s hard to reconcile a vision of the Gods’ love for us with the suffering we endure.

There’s a secret that I want to share with you. The Gods do love us. And in this divine love they know that we’ve signed up for a life in which we grow. The tough truth is: suffering is part of our path of learning and becoming who we truly are.

Suffering forms us and sculpts us through the experiences we go through, both good and bad.

You may say: “I didn’t ask for this.

You’re right.

But you do want something—the freedom to become what you can become. We incarnate in bodies that can manifest, at times, as fragile. Difficult times will happen. How we participate in life (including suffering) shapes us.

For example, I don’t want to experience pain related to clinical depression, but that’s something I deal with. This process gives me a whole different viewpoint.

In recent days, I’m dealing with a whole new, terrible burden: extreme asthma. When I can’t breathe, I feel like I’m dying. That gives me a different perspective.

I’ll tell one gift that comes with both clinical depression and extreme asthma: compassion. I feel great compassion for people who have these burdens–and other people who have heavy burdens.

As Wiccans, we do have an advantage when dealing with suffering. Our faith can sustain us. We can know that the Gods are present to support us as we travel our path, especially when we’re suffering.

Call upon the Gods. Do ritual. Feel your divine connection.

The Gods are rooting for you. They are here to help guide you through these events. They support you in your times of need. They celebrate in your times of triumph.

Just remember the Gods are here for you and are always by your side. Even when you don’t see it.

They are our cheerleaders and our coaches in life. They teach by example and with love.

Now I ask you: What have you learned through times of suffering? How can you call upon the Gods for Their divine support? (Please share in the comments section.)


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