The Importance of Ritual Bathing




The Importance of Ritual Bathing

Imagine you could enhance your magick working with a simple process. How? Your ritual bath. It’s important because it puts you into the right frame of mind before you perform ritual. Secondly, you physically clean your body of the dirt and grime of the day. Finally, ritual bathing cleanses you of the psychic garbage that clings to you.

You can choose any soap (a required part) that you prefer. Wiccans appreciate handmade soaps, especially if they already contain the herbs or essences one already uses in magick work.

How do I make my bathing a ritual bath (or shower)?

Bless and consecrate your soap and shampoo. Set these aside for use only during your ritual baths.

How to make a sachet with cleansing herbs for a bath:

Use a stocking or cotton cloth, and place inside selected cleansing herbs. The total amount of all herbs will be one tablespoon.

If you use a cotton cloth, gather the corners and tie them with a string. Make sure the sachet is closed and secure. This keeps the herbs from clogging your drain.

Place your sachet in the bath water then sprinkle in some sea salt and let steep for 5 or so minutes. Then enjoy.


Making a cleansing shower tincture:

If you will be showering, place your sachet in a large container of hot water to steep. Sprinkle sea salt and dissolve it into the mixture (the tincture). When the water cools to a comfortable temperature, then take into your shower and wash with soap, envisioning all the psychic garbage leaving you.


Then pour the contents of the tincture over your head and rub it in. In this way, the contents help you complete your cleansing. The residue flows away, down the drain.


Add a blessing

I also add a blessing at the end of my ritual bath. I’ve added some modifications to a popular blessing.


Wiccan Blessing

Starting at your forehead say as you touch you third eye say:

I bless myself by the Goddess,

(Touch your right breast)

By the air that is her sweet breath,

(Touch your left shoulder . . . [you are actually forming a pentagram with these movements].)

By the earth, that is her fertile body,

(Touch your right shoulder.)

By the waters that is her life giving womb,

(Touch your left breast.)

By the fire that is her bright spirit,

(Touch your third eye.)

May I be blessed, so mote it be.

Upon completing  your ritual bathing, you’re now ready to enter circle to honor the Gods respectfully. Not only will the Gods be happy but your fellow practitioners will be grateful, too. (Trust me.)

Are there particular rituals you like to do prior to entering circle? Let me know in the comments section below.



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