Helping the Goddess


My friend, John, drives the lead car and I follow in mine. We’re going on a camping trip. This one will be different, we’re going “disperse camping,” that is, we’re not using a public campground. I’m tired, but there’s hope! John flicks his blinker on and we turn off the road. Finally, no more driving. We step out of our cars and look around. The site turns my stomach.

There is trash everywhere, whole bags of it strewn across the forest, even a latrine. Yuck! Some campers just left all their trash; it had to have been quite a large group by how much trash was still there.

What would you do?

We had the option to find another spot. But as a Wiccan, I have a duty to Mother Earth.

Clearing some of the garbage we managed to set up camp. Then we drove to the ranger station down the road and told the rangers of the deplorable conditions of the site.

Then we did something they weren’t expecting. We asked for garbage bags so we could clean up the site. Their shocked but pleased faces told the story. They were quite happy to give us as many bags as we wanted.

Back at the camp site, we picked up the garbage along the river and then moved on to the camp area.

Six large and very full trash bags later, the site looked much better. I could feel the Goddess smiling.

On the other hand, it truly saddens me that some people could do this to their Mother.

As witches, Wiccans and pagans, we care for our mother. With this attitude much of our community cherishes an opportunity to clean Mother Earth.

You don’t have to look far and wide for such an opportunity. Just walk your own neighborhood. Or go to a local park. You’ll find plenty to clean and improve.

I personally feel a duty to keep my Mother clean and healthy.

How about you?

This is another way to show the Gods respect and love.

You’ll feel better, too.


Moonwater SilverClaw


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3 thoughts on “Helping the Goddess

  1. Absolutely! I usually take a bag with when I walk Oakley so I can pick up cups, cans, water bottles and so on. If it’s potentially harmful like broken glass or gross like used diapers (really), I let park workers know.


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