How a Wiccan Recovers Her Balance


How a Wiccan Recovers Her Balance


As Wiccans, we make continuous efforts to stay in balance with nature. Right now much of the western U.S. is suffering through a heatwave.

Staying cool is important—not just as a convenience but staying cool can save your life! So we’re turning up the AC (air conditioning) now.

As Wiccans, we endure other situations which throw us off balance and which require another form of “AC.” Whether you’re confronted with an argument with a family member or some driver cutting you off in traffic, you can see your temper get frayed.

In fact, I’m concerned about keeping cool and not getting irritable with others (even if they deserve it).

So how do you turn on your own AC during these heated times?

Breath control is a great way to calm down and control your words and actions.

Let’s say your stressed out and you’re losing your cool. What can you do?

Breathe. Let’s practice now. Take in a deep breath through your nose. In your mind count three (a sacred number) slowly.

Hold your breath for two counts. And then breathe out for three counts.

Repeat this slowly through five repetitions.

How do you feel now? Many of us find ourselves calming down. That’s really useful!

Remember breath control as your personal AC in a heated situation.


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