How to Make Your Spells More Successful

Spell craft and the Days of the Week


“What am I doing wrong in my spell-work? My spells are failing, even backfiring!” my friend, Jennifer, said, anguish in her voice.

As part of our conversation, I gave her some tips from my book The Hidden Children of the Goddess.

“You need several things to do successful magick.

1) Intent

To do successful magick, you need to understand several things. First, you must have an intent. You need to know what you want to manifest. Having a solid intent is your first step before you do any magick.

2) Concentration

This is the process of focusing and then refocusing your mind on your visualization task. In essence, you concentrate on the object and on the images in your mind that are specific for your desired manifestation

3) Visualization

You need to see what you want in your mind as already accomplished.

4) Willpower

The Collins English Dictionary defines willpower as “the ability to control oneself and determine one’s actions.” When it comes to successfully performing magick, willpower, to me, means the driving force of desire for some form of change. So I focus on the power of “I will.” This is an important distinction because many people think of willpower as only the ability to avoid temptation.”

[The above is the end of an abbreviated excerpt from my book, The Hidden Children of the Goddess.]

Check the Moon Phase

Is the moon phase helping or hindering your spell? Maybe your spell needs to be reworded to help it work more effectively. Take care to be quite specific in your wording.

Pick the Right Day of the Week

Different days are associated with different Deities and purposes, so choose a day that will lend energy to your spell.

Below is an abbreviated list.

Day Solar Correspondence Color Magickal Correspondences Deity
Monday Moon silver, white and Blue illusion, prophetic dreaming, emotions, travel, and fertility Diana
Tuesday Mars reds, black, and orange courage and  strength Tyr, Tiu or Mars
Wednesday Mercury purples or orange communication, change, cunning, and the arts, protection Wodan (Odin) or Mercury
Thursday Jupiter blue strength and abundance Thor
Friday Venus aqua, pink  fertility, Love,  birth, and romance Venus or Frigg
Saturday Saturn  orange, purple, deep blue material success, expansion, money/wealth, physical well-being, prosperity, leadership, and generosity Saturn
Sunday The Sun gold or Yellow personal achievements, success, wealth, and fame,promotion at your job, seeking fame and wealth, or being acknowledged for a job well done Helios

Magick is Like Water

Magick is like water that flows the easiest way down the mountain. Vague wording diverts your spell to an easy and wrong path. Be careful about your wording.

Be sure to follow the steps above and continue studying.

The Gods want to help you get what you want.

Do your part and get your spell-work in good shape.

Blessed Be,

Moonwater SilverClaw


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The Hidden Children of the Goddess Book


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