How you can heal: Alternative Medicine vs. Modern Medicine



“Get yourself to a doctor,” my dentist said. He just saw bruises in my mouth, and he knew it was the sign for something serious.

Soon I saw my doctor who had me go through some tests. An hour later, I was on the phone with the doctor who said that the tests indicated that I should go immediately to the emergency room!

Many Wiccans like to use alternative medicine instead of modern medicine.  But how do we use alternative medicine wisely? I’ve personally used catnip tea for reducing a fever. I’ve also used salty water for gargling when having a sore throat.

I’m suggesting that this is an “and” situation. You can use both alternative medicine and modern medicine. Sure, we Wiccans sometimes use ancient herbal lore from our ancestors. And still, there’s a definite time for modern medicine.

Back to my time in the emergency room. Further tests revealed that I had Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura or ITP. This is an affliction in which my spleen destroyed my platelets so that my blood did not clot. I was informed that if I bumped into something, I could bleed out!

During my hospitalization, I had to recline on a special air mattress because a regular mattress gave me bruises. It got so bad that I had bruises in the shape of the physicians’ hands from when they examined me.

ITP was an affliction that could not be solved by simple herbs.

After one month in the hospital, I endured a splenectomy (the removal of my spleen). This saved my life.

Again, I’m suggesting that we look upon alternative medicine and modern medicine as part of our toolkit. If I have the sniffles, I might start with teas. However, I’m so glad that I followed the advice of my dentist.

I feel that we, modern Wiccans, have the advantage of both herbal remedies for small afflictions and modern medicine when you need it.


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2 thoughts on “How you can heal: Alternative Medicine vs. Modern Medicine

  1. I completely agree! I think people forget that even though modern medicines are made in a laboratory, they are *still* ultimately a part of nature. The ancient religions usually encourage the use of intelligence and ingenuity to make life better for ourselves – look how many gods of wisdom and education there are! And yes, it’s fine to use alternative medicine WITH modern medicine – even if the effects of alternative medicine can be written off as “placebo effect,” who cares? If it works for you, you should still use it!

    I hope you’re recovered now. Thanks for sharing and Blessed Be!


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