How You Can Overcome Untruths Against Wicca

Nora struggles to leave a message on Susan’s voice mail system. Feeling hurt, Nora realizes that she’s left eight messages with no replies from her friend.

Susan has dropped Nora, and it’s probably because Susan freaked out when she heard that Nora is a Wiccan.

We Wiccans have to endure a certain form of loss because of our spiritual path.

I, too, have lost friends when they found out I was Wiccan. A couple of people even stood up and moved away when they saw the pentacle I wear. Others merely stare.

Misguided people buy into the lies that popular TV shows and films paint against Wiccans.

We Wiccans know that we have nothing to do with an evil figure that Christians believe in.

Many people simply do not understand how Wicca is life-affirming and loving.

How to Deal with Negative Energy Thrown You Way

  • Take a deep breath and realize that some people have been misled. It’s not completely their fault. Some elder/authority figure (including certain priests) press untruths upon their flock. See if you can hold some compassion for the misled.
  • Have further compassion that many people are barely holding things together with job losses and financial difficulties—and all of the regular calamities of modern life. Because these people are running on a deficit of energy, they just don’t feel they can seek out a Wiccan and ask to hear the truth. (Worse yet, they think they already know “the truth.”)
  • If someone says some misguided statement to you, hold your calm. Take a deep breath and reply: “I’m not sure where you heard that. That has nothing to do with me and what I do. And I know many Wiccans who have nothing to do with that. Our spiritual path is life-affirming and loving.”

Only talk in positives and never put down the other person’s faith.

As we strive for better treatment, we stay true to being kind, compassionate and respectful. Let our exemplary behavior prove the good path of Wicca.

Announcement – Meet Moonwater at Feb. PantheaCon 2015!

It’s that time of year again! PantheaCon!

Come meet me in person at PantheaCon this year at the Double Tree Hotel in San Jose, California, February 2015. I will be there with my books and giving out ribbons. It’s likely that I will be in and out the COG-New Wiccan Church (NWC) Suite throughout PantheaCon. I’ll have my three books, and I will be also signing books. I’ll have some handcrafted jewelry, too.

I hope to meet you in-person.


Moonwater SilverClaw


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