Feel Tired or Fuzzy in Your Thinking? Ask for Help from the Element Air

“Sarah, I have a big test tomorrow and I’m having trouble. I’m testing myself and I keep having difficulty recalling the information I studied,” Joe said.

“Have you asked for help from the Element Air?” Sarah asked.

Do you need a little help with studying, whether for an exam or for a presentation at work?

Air represents thought, and getting assistance from Air for studying makes perfect sense.

So how do we bring in Air for help? Do a meditation. Go and meet the Guardian of the East—the Element of Air.

Meditation: Ask for Air’s Assistance

[Consider one of these options: a) have a friend read the meditation aloud to you or b) record this meditation and then follow your own spoken directions.]

Sit down facing East and relax. Close your eyes and breathe in and out continuing to relax. Concentrate on your breathing. Feel the air going in and out of your lungs. You feel light as air and totally relaxed.

Continuing to breathe, you now notice a cloud in front of you. See it glide on the light breeze of the day. You get closer to the cloud, until it eventually envelops you.

The air is cool and comfortable in the cloud. Soon the mist of the cloud dissipates and you see a figure.

The figure is transparent. It’s a Sylph who kindly smiles as you get closer. Now you ask the Sylph for help in your cerebral endeavors. Ask for suggestions on the best way to tackle your project.

(Pause for 1 minute)

Once you have received your answer, bid the Sylph a fond farewell

Focus your attention on your breathing.

In a moment, you will count backwards from 5. With each count your consciousness makes it’s way back to where you started in the present world.


You’re returning to consciousness. Feeling calm and full of energy.

2-1. Open your eyes, feeling fully refreshed.

After completing the meditation, you have the insight and energy to do better with your project. Consider lighting a stick of incense (which represents Air) to thank Air for the help you have received.



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