Do Not Turn Your Magick into a Disaster

In several news broadcasts, TV anchors stressed the damage to crops and related water shortages caused by a severe drought. Angela could stand it no longer. She had to act! Angela cast a rain spell. Soon rain fell from the sky and the parched land soaked up the moisture. Then more rain and more. Mudslides caused property damage and even a few deaths.

Horrified, Angela realized that she had neglected to add a vital part to her rain spell—a timetable. She had not specified that the rain stop after the land was revitalized.

Destruction and death had occurred when Angela had only wanted to help the forests and farms.

Weather magick is quite tricky. You must ask for what you need and at the same time make sure there is a “stop-time” for the weather change you asked for.

The following is a little chant you can use to help the land, but at the same time stop the rain when you request it.

Rain Chant

Rain, rain come our way,
we ask you now to come this day!
Rain, rain come and play,
feed our crops now, in every way.
Rain, rain you’ve had your fun,
now go your way and give us sun.

Just like any spellwork, you need to tell the magick what to do and when its mission is complete. If you fail to do this, the results can be disastrous like Angela’s experience.

Here’s a way I can illustrate my point. You’ve probably seen the portion of Disney’s Fantasia entitled “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” In the cartoon, Mickey enchants a broom to do one of his chores—filling a water basin in his mentor’s home. Soon through Mickey’s magical mistakes, the one broom became an army of brooms over filling the basin, creating a tidal wave of water.

Mickey had not used magick properly by guiding the brooms to complete the work and avoid causing havoc. Lucky for Mickey, his mentor woke up and stopped the brooms’ onslaught of water.

Many of us may not have a mentor to save us from ourselves. This is why it is a good idea to think through our actions before we do magick.

Let’s think through our magickal plans and include “stop-orders” so we can avoid disaster.

Then we can simply enjoy the blessings.

Blessed Be,

Moonwater SilverClaw


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