The Witches Pyramid – West


Karina turned to me and said, “But I’ve never done this before. It’s a lot of money. I mean, I could spend all this money recording my songs and no one buys them.”

“What does your heart say?” I replied. Sometimes, and it depends on the individual, the heart says, “It’s time to Dare.”

In the previous post we talked about Fire. Now, we’ll discuss the element Water, which is West on the Witches Pyramid.

Water represents to Dare.

In this series of posts, we started with Air, which gave us the idea. Then we proceeded to Fire which was to Will and to desire the change, and get it moving into reality. Now we focus on Water because we need to Dare to accomplish the change.

Wanting to change isn’t enough, we need more energy associated to the process. We need to Dare to do it!

Many of us are too afraid of change. We hide from it and even run from it. Still, we notice:

“There is nothing permanent except change.” – Heraclitus

Change can be a very emotional subject. Being afraid of change is natural and so we need Water, to Dare ourselves to do it.

Change promotes growth. We grow not only spiritually, but also with our relationships and our mental and physical health.

A Ritual to Celebrate Water and to Move Beyond Fear

Consider something in your own life that you know you need to change but are afraid to.

Draw a pleasant, hot bath. Make a sachet of lavender. Lavender is used for purification, and lavender helps us calm those fears of change.

When your bath of lavender is ready, step in and relax. Breathe in and out slowly.

Once you have relaxed, think of the change you want and the fear holding you back from it. Concentrate on these fears you have.

Now envision the fear being absorbed by the water all while you continue breathing deeply—in and out.

When you feel you have successfully transferred all the fear into the liquid, get out and drain the water away. Dry off and make sure you do not use the towel again until you have laundered it.

Use this ritual focusing on Water and to Dare to move forward in your life.


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